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From ABC news. I'm Chuck Sivertsen. President Trump says no collusion attacks a special counsel Russia Russia investigation, but the other Friday court filing regarding former Trump Michael Cohen implicates the president as having allegedly directed cone to pay to women not to talk about their alleged affairs with Mr. Trump ABC news legal analyst, Dan, Abrahams notes, the language of the New York federal court filing, which basically says we think this crime is really serious. We think it was done intentionally to subvert campaign finance laws. We think it was done intentionally to affect the election at the coordination with coordination from and at the direction of Donald Trump saying he's waiting for more from the special counsel before taking a position Senator Marco Rubio, Florida Republican there's no way to spend this. It's not been this has been a positive development for the people that are involved in this. But I just think and we had learned over time. That it is important for all of this to be out there before within four context compared to other information before we begin to make political judgments hundreds of accidents on snow covered interstates are causing major delays. Hundreds of flights are canceled drivers in North Carolina and Virginia are getting stuck in snow or losing control on icy patches that from police is a major winter storm slams the area, North Carolina Governor, ROY Cooper, more than one hundred and seventy thousand North Carolina households were without power, mostly in the mountain counties. Triangle and Mecklenburg county's kids are taking advantage of heavy snow totals. With snowball fights and snowmen Perez chief prosecutor says that nearly one thousand people including about one hundred miners and most without police records are being held in custody after weekend protests in the French capital. The turn violent though, the government suspended plans for a hike in fuel taxes. Protesters say that they are angry about low pay jobs banks and corrupt politicians as well. You're listening to ABC news. Stay connected. Stay informed. Komo news. Good afternoon. It's twelve oh two. I'm Kelly Blair with the top local stories from the KOMO twenty four seven news center. The Leavenworth community today. Celebrated the life of a soldier killed last month. Sergeant Leandra hustle was killed during combat operations in Afghanistan on November twenty fourth. He was on his third deployment Afghanistan after enlisting in the army in two thousand twelve his funeral service was held this morning at cascade high school in Leavenworth. Seatac city hall is stunned after the tragic death of a newly appointed seatac city councilwoman Amina amid an advocate for immigrant and refugee rights died in a car crash yesterday. Komo's Patrick Quinn talk with friends who are coping with the sudden and tragic death to an AFI. So they were in the middle of planning a Amenas meet-and-greet as a newly elected city council member. That's when they got the news that their former boss, and friend is gone. She's gonna be lost or community just hours after her death. Her friends, remember Amina Ahmed the woman advocate, and that's why I am who I am today. Some steps. Other follow around one o'clock amino was killed in a head on collision on south one eighty eighth street in seatac Amina lived in south King County for the last twenty years as an immigrant. She was a voice for immigrants and refugee rights. And in October was appointed to the seatac city council. People say why you wanted to organize all this. She's like we all have equal rights to stand together. Her loss is resonating to the city. She had such big plans for and yet while gone Amina on that impact we'll continue to live on. That's komo's Patrick Quinn. Reporting and beliefs continue their investigation of fight that broke out at a Lynnwood bar. The Snohomish county sheriff's office says a group of alleged white supremacists walked into the rec room bar and attacked a black DJ witnesses. Tell us a group was yelling racial slurs at the DJ in a fight broke out. The DJ was taken to the hospital with non serious injuries. Police say they arrested eight men. Men for suspicion of malicious harassment and assault. Komo news time is twelve. Oh, four time to check. Our AAA traffic.

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