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The dow boys threw a field goal threenothing dallas and overran check pie come down to frame at the few fears right to the fifth gets year at the seventeen yard line he took a mighty here jeff heath bear cub the giant starting off beldsoe a huge ovation were ally man by the giant fast here at mccoy stadium as you i will make his two hundred and eleven start streaks last week he lied playing it is two hundred thirteen came as he giant came one of the most unpopular breeze ever by former coach has to do last week johnson start first in ten brother own 17 minute left pash bar handoff dark were squeezes off the right side cobbles the football which were covered by the giants though as eric flowers fell on it at the seventeen yard line so dark wa fumbled the ball for the first time this year god through a whole barron somebody ripped his arm from the back side who job i flowers a good on that anthony hitching handling lallah overall so it's a gain of one second and now manning takes snap receivers screened for gall but he went inside right into sean lee and against tackle that the twenty three john lee back in a lot of when lee blaze this year the cowboys your five in one giving up eighteen points three hundred seven yards an eighty yards rushing when he didn't play they were one in six and they gave up 29 points a game at one hundred thirty five yards rushing third and four for the giants peter 37 between two and four yards ironic delay draw right and the giants going get the first down and the paul came out a kent ford progress was stopped at the twenty nine but you will forgive him for progress over the former if it's a formula's go forward progress and the paul was recovered by evan ingram now groaning on apparel crowd runner forward progress was stop frost now that cannot.

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