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And it makes a noise and deniro here's it and he's onto them that's all you needed was to hear that one little sounds just like a quiet place in deniro's of the extra torrential and they managed to get out of there so heat i think man probably paying a little bit of omayad they're alluding to reveal and part of that interview michael we've talked about composers a little bit here and that instinct whether to use music or not but in that interview director mentions that his composer said i'm going to score this i'm gonna give you a score and he says i don't want any sound i don't need to music for and he goes no i'm going to do it to save you just just to give you a backup because i don't think it's probably going to work and then they screened it with the music and without and the composer said no music bad music don't use the music go with the version with and the opposite thing happened when bernard hermann and hitchcock we're working on psycho because hitchcock said this is needs to be quite and it was a different kind of of stark ineffective but then they play that music and yeah hitchcock was like couldn't have been more wrong our our top five quiet scenes we'd love to hear your picks you can email us feedback film spotting dot net michael any honorable mentions and the others that haven't come up well the first one that comes to mind because i'd or the film and i love i love this is just a scene voice churches in the blackstone carol beller snicking seventy nine film when kelly reno as the young stranded boys on the deserted island with the with the arabian horse from walter farley's book and it's it's a long sequence where they simply have to get to know each other in this difficult circumstances and the boys trying to figure out a way to communicate and befriend the horse and eventually comes on him trying to feed them and then successfully feeding them and then writing them and that film is just two or three minutes like i've never seen and it it was the work of a truly free filmmaker whose came out of documentaries and they were shooting on the island.

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