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The actor max gillin is matt dillon was the the sheriff in gunsmoke you've played by james aren't s started in nineteen fifty five and went to the tonight nine hundred seventy five so twenty one seasons of gunsmoke and there are six hundred and i think there six hundred thirty four episodes of that so a lot of stuff here and so for those who've you who do you even remember a peter are ness the actor nobody remembers his name but i don't know yeah i wouldn't be able to he was in lineup he was in movies like lindsey now leslie nielsen airplane movie he was but he was the he was the host and the leader of mission impossible on television and his brother his he and matt dillon matt dillon used his name james s and peter graves sorry i use the wrong name of the wrong guy james aren't s was the brother of peter graves and they use different names because they didn't want to confuse one of use mother's name the other one used the father's name and james arnett started as john wayne stunt guy and john wayne was asked to be the was asked to be mad dillon on on the television show and he said i don't wanna to do tv on g get my stunt man to do it and that's how he got started and it happened that nobody thought gunsmoke was going to make it on tv so they gave our nessin opportunity to buy into it and he ended up owning the show and became one of the wealthiest men in hollywood who knew a story about the simpsons would bring this much interest for you doug well i just think it's interesting to look at this stuff it's a cultural thing how long the simpsons and what that culturally presents and law and order and what that culturally presents and meant and gunsmoke three very different types of programs and they all lasted for a long long time because they knew how to keep the audience interested in what was going on it's great writing it's i think it's a great story about one.

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