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In the studio tonight it's ian mike and mark case you haven't heard apparently the government came back this week they ran on a hiatus some of the government bureaucracies or at least that's what they would have you believe i was so happy because it happen on my fiftieth birthday it was really it was a great birthday present the see the government shutdown unlike wow the government really care about or at least the the illusion of feeling like the government shutdown because mike you're going to share with us the actual detail on what was spent during the government shutdown maybe the the nothing number exactly oh it well we often like to joked it when the government shutdown nobody seems to notice any difference well apparently the government didn't seem to notice any difference with its spending habits either in fact it spent a record amount of sixteen point six billion dollars for that day in january even though the government will shut down and does that mean that that the day in particular is a record for all of time or only a record for the times when the government was shut down just curious as to which record up being were in constant inflationadjusted dollars in the federal government has spent before on the fourth monday in january ever while all right so a record high it's really good reporting as i really didn't expect the reporter to do to pull that off i bean generally when you get a story like this it's a beauty just don't get the it's up is factbased as it could be let's give credit where credit is due who is the uh the reporter in as the yours this the pay the reporters terrence p jeffrey and the website is cns news dot com otto poll applause than very good to there so there you go then at that bears out what darrell perry said to us at the end of last week so when the bill when this was beginning i think was what friday when the shutdown kind of got started late midnight or something like that on friday and so that none that episode we were talking about these government shutdowns or these threats of government shutdown.

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