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Economy. That would mean a cellphone. Recent legislation sponsored by a group of republican lawmakers would increase the state's felony theft threshold to one thousand dollars haul adds that felony. Convictions can remain on a person's record for a lifetime and lead to barriers in housing employment and education people with felonies also are denied the right to vote. Felony thefts are expunge -able but under state law person can't apply for an expansion until at least five years after probation and parole. I'm not overall logan. Finally eric ticket off tells us that many women in washington state or losing healthcare shortly after giving birth a a crucial time in a mother's life senate bill fifty sixty eight would extend postpartum medicaid coverage from sixty days to one year. The same measure was a victim of the pandemic in two thousand twenty. It passed with nearly unanimous support in the house and senate but was vetoed by governor. Jay inslee because of budget concerns. Sam hats bieler with the economic opportunity institute says the bill would help address. The maternal health crisis right now about ten thousand women are falling through the cracks. Because of income or immigration restrictions washington state's maternal mortality review panel found thirty percent of all pregnancy related. Maternal deaths occur forty three days to a year after birth. The bill has a public hearing in the senate committee on health and long-term care on wednesday about seven hundred women in the us die each year from pregnancy related conditions. This is mike clifford for public new service. We are member. Listener supported her obstacle. The nation's most interesting radio.

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