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George Laurie with your Charles Simone with us doctor Charles Simone factor live this virus to this coronavirus it's airborne spread from human to human I mean like you said if somebody's five feet away and that kind of splash at you you're gonna come down with it is it just take a little tiny droplets yes Sir there are thousands of viruses on a droplet from saliva so yes you need to be careful that yes wow let's go to the calls and go to Kevin in Houston Texas to get us started hello Kevin go ahead here are you are you thank you all man I'm so excited I can't wait to announce when you're you're you're gonna announce your show date in Houston Scott I'll never do you soon I'm so excited I had a couple comments in your guest is really really great you should have him on more often in reference to the psychotropic drugs vision this actually is hereditary my family and it's it wasn't really diagnosed in their early ages of life but I have this condition call CD which is obsessive compulsive disorder right and with me George mine is my mind is always thinking so I'm I'm always wishing to coach in what way in in the morning every night and and even when I fall asleep my mind is still thinking and not just one of the conditions of the old city it doesn't shut off does it never shuts off I'm always thinking always always always thinking and my grandfather had my daughter has it sh chores around here but you know there's some new laws that have passed especially here in Texas I'm not but the rest of the country you can go to any doctor any more and get the psychiatric tactical big drugs you have to go to a bonafide shack characters to get these things now and number two if he this is for all your listeners if you want to know all about the medications mixing matching it cetera talk to a pharmacist they know more about medications then then the doctors do that's true they they they really do another thing is this is very very dangerous with the psychotropic drugs you can not take anything with the monarchs right now on any of the you can actually have a psychotic a psychotic reaction George where your chest will lock up you will you were going to an enormous a panic attack it's outrageous I had a rare at be out back in the nineties it was horrific and it goes on for like it went on for three four hours a day to give me three shots of ours in the calm me down can you scan you will stop breathing by that doing that you almost feel like you're gonna die you feel like it's the end of the world and I remember running to the hospital knocking stuff down and my wife was there my daughter was there and finally they came in with these huge surrenders of porcine and I woke up and I said Hey buddy there was an older friend of mine there I didn't see my wife or daughter but no it was I took an active which which is like a suit if they had an active but it's a nasal decongestant okay which has a monarch side not inhibitor you're playing Russian roulette when you take these together Intel it should be very very day because she's so in and taking too much medication you've gotta take this stuff even even help urge you got to be very careful about mention these medications because you're playing with your life with this stuff but great show great cast and I think you should have a more and more often and I'll listen to his comments off the or you're okay great go ahead Charles love for you to come and react to that orders ash he's absolutely right there so much so much you know about interactions of drugs and alcohol for instance cannabis many estrogens flossing Prozac many many of these drugs can interact and pro long as some of these psychotropic drugs and make them even hyper hypertension so he's quite right you need to be careful the pharmacist is a good source they're good sources on the web you cross across different drugs and see what interacts with what but you need to be very careful specially alcohol and the struggle my god you mix all that together as a threesome it's horrible isn't right it was we're going to see more more with the legalization of cannabis around the country as well robin Pennsylvania first time caller Hey Robbie go ahead Hey George long time listener first time caller thanks for calling go ahead well I agree with the doctor one hundred percent I thank these again off the market I had a friend he got help on opiates and well I went downhill from there yeah my good and stuff like that how does it get so addictive Charles you don't really story yes that's a horrible story three physicians three brothers who practice psychiatry who learned how to manipulate human behavior three psychiatrists who took the oath to do no harm what to do formal okay decided to increase the amount of oxycodone in the pill they decided also to make prescription such that it would be shortened in hours so instead of every six or eight hours it was prescribed is every four hours she's and they showed that the pill could be crushed easily SO three factors made to feel extremely addictive they know what they did it on purpose and the generations continued once this happens they got approvals from STA with these issues I whole story about it had that about the Sackler family and how to stop the.

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