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So when google stopped the explorer a program which is what you got your glass um i got eyeglass under jeff later later they will change was the schmuck program the fifteen are bucks that's how much we were 2000 for me what oak as you said bought the eyeball the the the the uh i got like our prescription like cut approach lesotho so that in january 2015 but according to a tech crunch it they never stopped run miller says they continue to sell glass to businesses they wanted them so the e which used to be explorer edition is now enterprise edition and they just announced the enterprise version on tuesday but glass never really left lot of companies g healthcare using it uh go glass was been used in the emergency room at umass medical school uh so is it never went away uh said that's really interesting and i guess i is underway in the by closet all day the yeah but it's not uh it's an interesting is a difference between glass which is really just having a proximate screen yes that you can read without using your hands or or looking away from your task versus hollow lens which really as you said stacy's is it's augmented rally super superimposing say instructions on top of what you're doing which i think we need more useful so the toothfish should just think about is both of them are form of the heads up display and both of them are getting information right and in the enterprise context it doesn't matter if it's like fancy a our information or if it's just lake uh it even instructions for how to fix something or a reminder of how many counts for cpr they gotta do like i i talk to a doctor who did a a cpr app for google glass in that was like it was basically a reminder for how to do cpr in this if you need it to add so at all here's a good example the rhythm unsee pure has changed and we're supposed to now do it by uh by a lower still stayed alive right a yet but that's different than away was before i know the rules are translated so you could have the bee gees play the google glass thought they did that will help the app to help you do it in the right rhythm.

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