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Tuning in. If you're new to tips on the top floor This is not the usual show produced in the studio. This one is recorded while I'm traveling in Siberia on Lake Baikal on the big frozen. Well that's that's pretty much one big ice cube quite an ice cube because like Baikal is fairly deep right in the middle. It's it's a mile deep so of course it's only the top layer this frozen but it's thick enough to drive on. It's over meter thick three three to five feet thick and So that carries really well and We're we're having a good time taking photos of ice which might sound boring. But I'm I have pictures online now At least this episode image is differently from Lake. Baikal and a as promised uploaded a few pictures to flicker epilepsy. K. R. dot com slash. Newly is where you'll find those epilepsy. Care DOT com slash. Indu be you and Yeah I I think. Quite thorough with my workflow here using nitrogen shooting with two cameras so after five four with my trusty old twenty four millimeter tilt shift lens on it. And it's a workhorse. It has just proven its worth so many times and so. I'm not ditching that anytime soon. The other one is the seventy two which is Crop Sensor a sensor and that most of the time has the seventy two three hundred on it Sometimes when we are out and about this city I put the twenty four millimeter S. net which equates to about forty millimeters offauq length and. That's a good for street stuff. And it's lightweight and small and a pancake and so those are my two cameras. That's what I have and I brought my My what is it. A thirteen inch macbook pro. Which is my editing computer. I run laterally on that and so every day so far. I have managed to finish my edits to import the pictures the routine. It's really a daily routine here Come back to the hotel in the evening after being out for a day then First thing is Open the camera back. Take out the batteries and put them in the charger to charges. Here's I can charge them at the same time Take out the cards and import begin to import into light room. And then go to bathroom into whatever I need to do. because the Russians all by itself and then import the second one and then I do my one hour. One thousand picks workflow which is I pass of just good doing the yes no decisions and the second path at second pass where I take the pictures and Assign them one through three stars which Yeah the three star pictures of the ones I wanted to continue on. And then the third passes working on those three star pictures and either promoting them to four stars if I like them and want to show them somewhere or even promoting them to five stars which is like this is an awesome photo and I want to use that as portfolio material or demote. The picture if it turns out that it wasn't that good that good Anyway so You can read that On on the Little E book that I've done years ago but it's still valid still works when our one thousand pig dot com And link that in the show notes and Yeah that's what I've been doing doing my workflow doing the photos. I've managed to use some of the three g that have on this data package. And upload some of those to flicker for you so again flicker dot com slash Newbie and yeah those photos are there and that hopefully now gives you some context to what what things look like here and As Roma's here are a few of the voices.

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Lake Baikal, Siberia, Lake discussed on Photography Tips From the Top Floor

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