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In a very good Jeeves they make a fun stack or meal that deliciously credible white castle sliders to your shopping list with KLIF traffic on the flights hi bill Jackson. I'm meteorologist Brad Barton isolated showers and storms mainly north west of us today otherwise we're gonna be partly cloudy and humid with a high near ninety four this afternoon not much wind either loner seventy six tonight then we're going to be mostly sunny and hot with highs in the mid to upper nineties tomorrow right on through the weekend and early next week I'm KLIF WBAP meteorologist Brad park. seventy degrees and Allen right now seventy nine in Richardson and seventy eight in fort worth. this is Ernie brown vision driving this morning getting all the news from Dave and Amy drive home with me and talk about all the day's stories in the metroplex afternoons for till seven right here on real news and information five seventy KLIF. seven seventeen A. L. I. F. I love when people have a sense of humor. especially when they pass away. yes funny dead people is one of my favorite things. no I love when people write an obituary and it's you know humor is all yeah yeah yeah this is very good I love this I wish you know when I when I go. forty fifty years from now. I'd like to think that my family would would think to do something like this in my honor to is an eighty two year old Connecticut man died over the weekend. and just before he died his doctors told his adult children your father is a very sick man and they responded you have no idea yeah.

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