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The actual intersection turning. They will diagonal across an intersection. So they're driving in three separate lanes to make a turn state trooper Heather axeman watches drivers on highways in Snohomish, Skagit walk, come or island counties. Her perception thing thousands of people drive, Dan and day out. Everyone's system too much of a hurry. And if you can complain about it she's seen it driving on the shoulder to get to the exit not merging correctly onto the freeway. Driving up on the curb on city streets because they don't wanna wait for traffic or they wanna go around people passing school buses with all never understand her. Biggest pet peeve? Whereas a state trooper my biggest is not wearing your seatbelt trooper. Rick Johnson who covers King County says smartphones and tablets in the car are definitely a factor as we get more and more distractions. Yeah, I mean that can contribute definitely to collision driving. But he's quick to point out. Good drivers to just what were you really encourages courteous driving because everyone wants to get going officer cool believes going back to basics the way, you drove for your driving tests like using your signal or moving to the correct lane to make that turn could help that. We just don't practice those things that we all learned. And if more people got back into practicing practical skills for driving, I think that people would drive much better. For accidents says courteous driving is also being forgotten how you would want a fellow driver to be driving around. And if no one lets you in deep.

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