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On those $2000 direct payments to Americans from Monday she made that announcement after House Republicans refused to give unanimous consent to increase the payments. Pelosi says she hopes the president will sign the relief build. It passed Congress earlier this week before the House reconvenes. The current bill, though, would give checks of up to $600 for Americans to qualify. Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch has been sold to billionaire Ron Burkle for $20 million. That's a fraction of its 2015 asking price of $100 million. The 2700 acre ranch is 30 minutes outside of Santa Barbara, California NORAD tracking Santa We can confirm Rudolph is leading the sleigh ride. We picked Rudolph's nose up. It gives off a heat signature. Our satellites detected that soon after he left the North Pole. Our next update at one o'clock. I'm Cathy Walker on K Away news radio 8:50 A.m. 94 1 FM from the best foreign Sports Traffic Center. This report is sponsored by your local Ford store. There is an accident. There's also police activity coming up the roof. South Douglas County 25. North bound approaching larks for traffic's going to be backed up from Greenland. It was a rollover collision showing up on north bound Sheridan at 115 and a minor to car crash westbound Sixth Avenue toward federal Your fox 31 Pinpoint whether today, Sonny for Christmassy, the high of 52. Hello, getting down to 31 for Christmas Day Sunny and a high of 57 Right now it's sunny and 52. Boards built for the holiday sales event means great deals on America's best selling brand of cars, versatile all wheel drive SUV's or built Ford tough trucks. The season is here, along with the best deals of the year built Ford Proud Price to sell and only at your local Ford store. I'm Karen.

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