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You have to Grin Barrett and do take every precaution world. Sometimes things will happen. We're looking at baseball coming back. We'll look at basketball comeback. They're going to be issues. We're seeing cases up before. Baseball even gets back into play. We've had you see event. Where fire had got pulled it just going to be a thing that happens, it's it's a new reality it's. Lance to kind of answer your point. This can't stop them from wearing masks under any circumstances. I think they're trying to figure out a way where it's not mandatory for for them to do it. Because the problem is is for the for like wrestling a match, you can't wear a mask wrestling match. It's is going to be a little tricky, so I think they're trying to figure out what the stipulation on on that, but honestly I. I think it would be good if they have people in the audience or the entire audience wearing a mask I think that would send. That Senate incredibly powerful message to everybody, because I feel like everybody out there you know again. People don't want to wear them, and if you don't want to wear fine, that's personal choice, but I feel like a lot of people feel like they don't have to, or they shouldn't or stupid or it's. It's whatever right and so to see you know it's like hey, on wwe, you people wearing masks in the audience, their social distancing. They're doing everything that they need to do. Fuck put a hand washing station. The background I don't really care, but like. Just show that you're. You're actually doing what you're supposed to be doing. If people see that some people will be like, Hey, you know. Maybe I should do that, too, and eventually that message. Message will spread. It's all about using your platform for that I don't think he can bar them from wearing masks either their reports coming out from the last time that they had for the one time that they had outside individuals in there that they felt completely safe, and they didn't. They were going to wear masks, and then it was like. Hey, there's handwashing stations in their social distancing in their scrubbing everything down and you know. They felt safe enough in the environment that they did not have to wear a mask or they didn't. They had every intention of it, but it's like. Hey, you know what actually feel pretty good about this I, I'm not going. Do the thing I'm going to not wear the masks, so I think it's just. It's all up to people's personal choices if somebody wants to. To wear a mask on TV. They cannot tell them now, and they cannot throw them out of the building legally. They can't do it and they know that so so many wants to. Now they may, if they want to be in the audience and they wanNA wear masks. They may stick them off camera in the back. They can do that, but you know they can't. Can't look at somebody and say hey. You can't wear masks to TV. You can't do that, it's legally you can't do that. They would get in trouble for that, so we'll have to see but I I would be totally cool with the audience is wearing masks. They should be I. think if you're going to have an audience in there. They should be wearing masks there. There should be protected because it's like you went to the lengths to put up the plexiglas and everything else. Why not do masks to say so? Because of this getting back on topic, this is going to mean changes in the products WWE has already sort of accounting for the people that are affected or impacted and They are approach other reprogramming things accordingly. Case in point, they're doing a tribute to the undertaker. Tomorrow on smackdown were apparently they're going to rear the Boehner batch, which is a forty thirty forty five minute match. So that tells you right there one. We love taker, but to their programming has been majorly impacted the point that they're gonNA give that match away for free on TV so I. Don't I haven't heard anything about aws? No, they've had to kind of tweak the title match the chance depending on. Test results at the MOXIE will not be appearing at fire fest in the next two weeks. The well we got time they on the first, so all the different as Scott it okay for days gone it then he probably won't be there, but I'm going with what the statement is now. I! Know I'm I'm just saying as confirmed you probably Django, but again that's all personal choice, so that's kind of the Kobe update again. just keep renee young and kill Braxton, and appears Cutie Marshall and Jon Moxley and everybody else. That we don't know about in your thoughts You may want to send Milwaukee. Wish because I know. They would appreciate that if you want. It's up to you, but let's hope they get through this especially Kayla Braxton again. She's had it twice in that. Sucks, who goes to work, but it wouldn't. It wouldn't be your show without breaking news right now,.

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