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The investigation but we are providing independent oversight of the investigation with some members of our team who have experienced doing this the voice estate attorney general havi airbus sarah is the sacramento police department asked for oversight in the investigation into the shooting death of an unarmed black man i also wanna thank and respect chief han for agreeing that the california department of justice is involved in this matter will extend to include a review of the policing policies procedures and practices at the sacramento police department stefan clark was shot twenty times when he was confronted by police in the backyard of his grandmother's home one recent evening officers have said they mistakenly thought he had a gun at turned out to be a phone ethan bearman will be going in depth on this story at noon the west contra costa unified school district is stirring up some controversy there is a debate underway on whether to keep well trained armed resource officers at the schools some board members teachers and parents say they want to keep the officers so students are safe others say they are expensive in the money could be used for education programs vote is expected next month the plight of all black and white cat and phoenix going viral on facebook folks again right now you are watching live pictures of a cat that has stuck on a pole here in phoenix familiar with the phoenix area we're in the area of about thirty seventh avenue gypsy was very high power pole since friday and when a phoenix tv station heard about it it'd be getting a live feed on facebook more than a half million people from across the united states watched the saga flooded nine one one dispatchers company that is calls to save the cat she was eventually rescued by a neighbor used a.

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