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Alleged to have run over an officer's legs. Someone else is alleged to have smashed the police cruiser window. Several other officers suffered minor injuries chasing down suspects. The Boston Globe reporting that the injured officer was brought to Rhode Island Hospital. Police say his injuries did not appear to be serious. Under arrest 23 year old Cheyenne Boisvert of North Providence, 33. Year old Eduardo Rivera of Warwick and 22 Year old Kimani Mitchell of Providence. They were arraigned Friday evening aren't common WBZ Boston's news radio Nearly a dozen senators, led by Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Now say they plan to join the effort by some House Republicans to challenge the electoral college results. The group of GOP senators and senators elect were demanding that Congress immediately open a 10 Day emergency audit to review what they claim are allegations of voter fraud and irregularities in the 2020 presidential election. It would involve an electoral commission specifically looking into states, the group says. Vote or disputed President Trump's own Justice Department has said there was no widespread election fraud, and Trump and his allies have lost more than three dozen lawsuits on the matter. The move would delay the process to confirm bite his win. However, it would not change the results of the election. Faith Booby. ABC NEWS Washington Meanwhile, the federal judges tossing out another lawsuit challenging election results brought forth by Republicans. Reporter Matt Matt Johnson has that it was an effort from Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and some Arizona Republicans to try and have Vice President Mike Pence ignore electoral votes next week, the judge ruled legal action didn't have enough standing to sue. The decision comes just days before Congress meets to certify Joe Biden's win on Wednesday. Pants pushed back against the lawsuit before the ruling. I'm at Madison. Record three million early votes has been can't have been cast in the Georgia run off elections. The turnout figures were compiled by the University of Florida U. S elections project who say the three million plus early votes amount to over 38% of all the registered voters in the state. Tuesday's election pits Republican U. S Senators David Perdue and Kelly Leffler against Democratic challengers Jon Ossoff's and Raphael Warnock. If the Republicans lose, Democrats could take control of the Senate. The Thanksgiving holiday break, is still taking its toll on Cape Cod. As coronavirus numbers continue to climb in the town of Sandwich. WBC's Tim Dunn has more sandwich health director David Mason is losing his patience. I sound a little annoyed at this point, it is because I am because I'm tired of having to reiterate this issue, Mason says. Because of family gatherings during Thanksgiving, paired with a continued lack of compliance with covert safety guidelines. That town continues to put a burden on the health care system is far is social distancing. Facial coverings and keeping out of group settings. The town hasn't been following it, and that's the direction we're going in with 23 cases for 100,000 residents in the two week positivity rate of nearly 5%. The town just makes it out of the highest risk category in the states coded map. Mason says the region can expect an even higher caseload to begin the new year from holiday gatherings in the month of December from the Cape Cod bureau. Tim done WBZ Boston's news radio. The pandemic is continuing to take its toll on the health care system with hospitalizations up 129% over the last month. The state is scrambling to increase surge capacity. Doctors worry the increased volume they're already seeing will only get worse when the post Christmas spike starts to hit yesterday about 60 patients were being treated for Corona virus at the D. C U Field Hospital Center in Worcester. Admissions happening faster than discharges right now that DC you center on Lee has the staff for 100 beds. And they expect 75 of them will be fooled by this weekend. A total of 190 cities and towns here in Massachusetts are now considered at the highest risk for transmitting coded 19. Comcast says it will raise Internet fees for clients who use a lot of data. WBZ TV S Bill Shields explains working from home remote learning they used to be foreign concepts, but not during covered. Nowadays, more more people are home and using the Internet and now one provider Comcast. Has decided to raise the cost of using the Internet. If you're using it a ton, Comcast says A very small percentage of our customers go over 1.2 terabytes because 1.2 terabytes. There's a massive amount of data that enables consumers to video conference for 3500 hours. But Comcast says this is only going to affect a very small percentage of his customers less than 5%. And they're putting off the fee increases for several months. There's a three month grace period after that customers going over the cap will be charged $10 for every extra 50 gigabyte block of data used up to $100. The New Hampshire attorney general's office investigation of Salem Police Department officials following the release of an audit finds no wrongdoing by the now retired police chief. The Eagle Tribune reports that Paul Donovan was investigated analogy ations of official oppression and or sworn falsification. The state could not prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Donovan committed the offenses done events. Attorney says he's heartened by the investigation's conclusion. One officer has been charged with reckless conduct involving a deadly weapon and another faces a tax fraud allegations. Staying informed is easy with WBZ..

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