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You have to do is tell your smart device of flight used radio wait 40 W h A s on my heart radio. That door's always open, man. Your history. There you go making you feel nice. Yes. All the cows have not been found. Oh, no. There are 16 cows. It sadly passed away in the crashed this morning. 96 cows in all Headed down I 64 in Indiana. Certainly there was a wreck. All the cows scattered. But there are some cows on the loose. Now, Here's what we should do much like the presidential turkey every year over the years that gets pardoned and lives a happy, healthy life. Yes, can we instead of Giving these cows a taste of freedom and then bringing them to the slaughterhouse. Could we not pardon these cows that managed to get away? You would think But right now, Indiana law enforcement is asking you to snitch. On these cows. They're asking to to report loose cows. Oh, wow. Yeah, not the more conservative ones. The loose loose ones. Yeah, That's right. So even loose cows need 11 too. So You got it with you Gotta think at least one or two. The cows is thinking I survived on entire crazy semi crash. Yes, yes, And you're still going to take me to the place where they shoot me in the head when I awoke. The fog had lifted and I found myself clear and in the grass again, I thought I was in heaven. And then I realized I was alive and I made a run for it. Tony, I can't every once in a while that stupid scene in top secret. Jumps in my head where the cow has the four boots on and they're sneaking into the German. Yes, Yes, I can't. I can't ever not See that that skinny Val Kilmer and the fact that they used a real cow and put the boots on the ground is still now That was the first movie from the airplane guys, wasn't it? Are they? The same one that came after airplay anyway was in the late seventies. Top secret was like, 84. 85. Maybe it was the naked gun, guys. Yeah, maybe the naked gun guys. All right, man..

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