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Refused to do jobs for anybody. They owed him money and they didn't want to pay him. Who knows, right? But everybody had a different story of what happened. Everybody had a different story of who was in the locker room when it happened. If it happened in the shower, if it happened inside where the lockers were. So I just kind of put my hands up and I was like, man, I don't remember what I had for breakfast these days, much less what everybody told me on this show, but I got a buddy of mine who's here. He remembers everything lockstep that ever happened in his life must have a lot of empty room in his head because he doesn't use it very often. But when we watched the Dark Side of the Ring show that talked about bruiser's death, all the guys came back and he's like, he didn't say that. That's the opposite of what he said back then. I don't know, you know, it's just one of those things where you don't know. I asked Vince about a year ago. When that dark side came out, I said, would you have ever brought brodie in? And he said, absolutely would have happened. Probably within a year, because Brody and Hogan, that would have been a one huge money draw. And I said, what about him having the attitude? He said, I would have had to I would have had to come to Jesus speech with him. I would have told him, you know, how we do business here, but he said, Rosie was Brody was difficult, but he was a businessman. Yeah, he wasn't a businessman. And he said, he said, we would have had a chat. I would have told him what was up, and we would have made a lot of money together. So that's one of those would have stories Hogan versus brodie in 88 would have sold out everywhere. Brody is one of the biggest scariest guys like in the history of guys. Great story, I'll share one from one of the dinners. Lex Luger came down for dinner, and there's a famous match in Fort Lauderdale, same arena we used to put our MMA shows on. It was a cage match and Luger was leaving to head to WCW to do his four horsemen stint, Brody was coming in and Brody was in a bad mood and pissed off. They get into the cage match and Lex Luger comes and starts and Brody's just not selling anything for him and just whacking them and whacking them and standing there while he's hitting them just like no. And Luger ends up climbing that just climbs out of the cage and walks back to the locker room. So we asked them the story about it. And he's like, so I get in there and I don't know bruiser Brody and he's a big scary guy, but you know, so am I, you know, and I get in there and he's not working with me and you know he's not selling that he hits me and he hits me like really hard and I'm thinking, all right, mother. I'm 6 foot four. I'm 270 pounds. I'm shredded. I played professional football. I'm gonna get the out of here. And I climbed out of that cage and I went to the back. Very quick, very quick. You know how intimidating Brody was, but piggyback off the, I didn't get to say off tell me Blanchard's, what was his father? Joe Blanchard. Joe Blanchard. His promotion in San Antonio actually got on the USA Network before WWE ever did. So wow. Learn your history. Oh, there's a little trivia there. Cowboys got Casey down. It was one of the main things. He was a great dinner, super nice guy. We are moving in a new direction, moving forward and moving beyond smoking. We are Altria, and our companies are leading the way in moving adult smokers away from cigarettes by taking action to transition millions toward

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