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Here, let's Mongo santeria and yes, that is the original. Yeah, yeah. I know. You thought it was Georgie fame. No, Georgie fame, a year later, got some words to it that we'll talk about when we play that and I will play it next as Fran wanted to hear it. But I thought we should go with the original first and mago Santa Maria. Cuban zone and that was the original and as far as I know it didn't chart, but who knows? I guess I could look it up. I did not bother. It was on battle. And battle was an interesting story. Joe battle in Detroit was quite the record man. And originally had JV JVB records for Joe van battle. Van was nowhere in his name, but he thought it sounded classy. So yeah, and after a while, he changed JVB into battle. But he did a lot of independent production in Detroit back in the 50s. Anyway, Rogers grant and pat Patrick wrote it and Mongo Santa Maria recorded it and nobody was the wiser until Georgie fame brought it back with lyrics thanks to John Hendricks. So 888-876-5593 we were talking about radio with Rick and this is the passing of blau remains rest in peace Lowry 87 years old and in some ways a very unlikely fellow and in other ways maybe not unlikely at all since his background was financed. But to me, there is a very simple equation and that is, if your lone payments are greater than the amount of money you could possibly earn, even if you had no expenses, this is like hitting control alternate delete. This doesn't work. And literally, that's what happened, as you know, Rick and when you ask about, why do they operate stations this way or that way? You really are talking about people who are treading water and have no idea what to do. You know, the reason they changed clear channel to iHeart, they wanted to say, well, we're not a radio company. We're an Internet company or what have you. And on and on, they're looking for the Holy Grail. They're looking for whatever will get them out of this mess and the only reason that nobody has come in in foreclosed on all these companies is very simple and that's that there's no greater fool. There's no one else who could operate it at this rate. And so therefore anything they do to close it down would cause a lot of people lenders to lose a lot of money. Gotcha. And I noticed that they had been trying to more and more, along with Odyssey, getting people to get more onto the Internet and promoting their streaming stations and along with their podcasts and trying to sell those. I noticed that they are doing a lot of promotion and I guess just the a.m. and even the FM is just there for those who are going to be the longer posted. You know, this goes back to, of course, when dot com was everything before the big dot com bust. You kind of think that you'll interest people in this in this technology. But when it really push comes to shove, let's look at the available dollars and what you could possibly get now. What do you have to pay for your debt service and what do you have to pay for minimal expenses? Not even going out and doing whole hard full service. And the dollars just don't add up. Well, there's so much out there. I mean, that's why I don't know why the FCC or I mean lets him turn in their licenses more easier. I mean, just actually, if you could just redo the realign the whole a.m. band because it's suffering it sounds like it's been it's on painkillers and it sounds like it was a bad date over the cell phone companies if you can do something on that frequency in the medium wave. Could you possibly, but is that likely no, the reality right now is, yes, you can easily turn in the license, but you're basically not going to get anything for it. And of course, if you're talking about trying to sell the station, if it's a stand-alone a.m., you can't get financing. So you got limited opportunities there. And since in today's technology, it doesn't really cost you a dime to operate in that explains why you're hearing what you hear. It just sits there while they look for plan B elusive plan B and that's what it's been sounded like over and over doesn't matter if they go talk or even the satellite distributed oldies or country classic. I mean, it's just sounds like it's in a past misery. The good old days. They can't afford to do anything else with it. The only person who could is a hobbyist who doesn't have debt service. So of course, you're hearing the results of what over leveraged gets you. Well, I mean, I just felt, you know, when you

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