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In england up to twenty four weeks there is no time limit if there is risk to the woman's life the netherlands mandates of five day waiting period clinics have to provide women with information about abortion alternatives and only after that is the abortion legal until the twenty four th week hello a waiting period a cooling off period we have it for guns but neither none other things that kill people as we that makes england in the netherlands more restrictive than ten states in america socialist sweden allows abortions until the eighteen th week of pregnancy bans most of them after twenty after the 20second week in that four we can gray period women can only get an abortion if it is approved by the national board of health and welfare in spain it's legal in the first fourteen weeks in denmark abortion is available on demand up to twelve weeks after pray pregnancies with the exceptions of rape and women's health in germany abortions after the first twelve weeks of pregnancy banned that makes that makes the abortion law in germany more restrictive than the most restrictive in the united states including utah you know we're all the mormons live germany is more conservative than them belgium it's legal intel twelve weeks france france it's legal until twelve weeks finland twelve weeks if a woman can provide a social reason for seeking to terminate her pregnancy such as poverty which is cheese extreme distress or already having at least four children in italy any woman has ninety days from the date of conception to request an abortion in switzerland it's up to twelve weeks do you still want to be more you still want to be more like europe left do you.

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