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So what does sleep through bob yup hurry to walk richard gough do we get rallies from last night somebody separate us on twitter tempted you get that one the one the rothlisberger did last night apparently nick leeson i'll try to compete now lebanon paralegal in dili daily on i'm not the day of like or merged governor rick flair still pretty damn good i don't know whether to commend the purse came out with atr slapped the person that came up with a dili philly like wait letting me it's likely sunny who wrote is a thing like it's so stupid in is hilarious it's like when my lap this new came up with that like oh thought about sitting around lakea king are third near you given bud light that al qaeda airport i get and then dili dili like kukema were that what are you guys want to say billy billy it's very fli but he bud light cds drink to come out with that billy billy and then last night somebody sent it to me on twitter rothlisberger audible alive daily dili coq gone now oh no here we go no guy but i but i laughed i did i think it'd be a competition who could come with the best ones but then my colleague bill a chakra just put it into that fast shall be having a lot of fun all the correct saying i was caridi stuff all you have it go ahead people are thinking go anywhere near that libya well what better way yes he wanted to fix kumar said dead steve tried the sale damn complicated is that right delete those are awesome uh rick flair is offering bo though i don't even know where they held that came probably what it means illegally really i'll let her roger that that was newark a vast we here that what i'm watching the game at the did he seek new york pozzo the was at me newark bozo i'm sure the it means some beat mean somebody out there that was funny but damn billy billy there now that would be wouldn't that be a cool i don't even know if we could make a show out of it maybe every time we get a quarterback we should ask him what's the craziest audible call they made at the lenin scrimmage induce have like a whole secondly horta backs coming shannon saying yeah we used to say this or we used to say that.

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