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Why are you expecting that? Well, hello, Ariana and hello listeners. Got to be honest. Now I was not. Lewis Hamilton topped FP three, but I think also looking back crucially, he was looking better over a single lap in FP two, which is obviously the most representative practice session of the weekend because it takes place in that. That's why in tonight's conditions that qualifying in the race takes place. Mercedes seemed fairly confident that things were sort of swing closer together between Mercedes and Red Bull represent a bit of a step behind yesterday, but crucially ahead of the head in terms of the long run, which I'm sure we'll get on to talking about later on. Mercedes thinking things will close up and Verstappen absolutely stunned them. Ripple moved to a low down force package, skinny rear wing, trying an FP three, went ahead with that in qualifying as having said that made the car much better. Had some question marks of what was happening there wasn't feeling particularly happy, said it was up and down all through practice, but Q one felt better. It'd be a fine tuning bit of fiddling and it's got better mess and better. And yeah, absolutely stunning proposition well done to him. It is the result that he should have had from 89% of the lap in Jeddah last week when it just went wrong at the final corner there. So brilliant. Yeah, wasn't expecting that, but fair play, great result from actress having. Well, I spoke to several people in the paddock today and general consensus was that the Mercedes was looking stronger and many were predicting Lewis would take it, but of course you can never count max out and he came through it with a really impressive lap there. What did you make of Red Bull strategy today is setting the fastest times on the softs in Q two and as a result setting themselves up to start the race on this office as well and then also check out riding the tofu Mac. Do you think that they were smart strategy caused by the team? It's an interesting one. Yes and no. In terms of yes, the toe tactics worked treat. Gained yet a bit of time. But also, as we saw in Mexico, it can go badly wrong when you try things like that. And actually, if you think about Red Bull over the course season, it's sort of much more than Mercedes is often tried to be a bit too clever in terms of the way those things sort of things. But again, as I said with Verstappen, fair play were absolutely brilliantly. It was really interesting. You said in the press conference that he discussed it with Paris, but when I asked if they'd had a chance to actually practice it out on track, he said, no, they didn't. They didn't sort of coordinate it in terms of giving it a go in any of the practice sessions. They just had the confidence that they would be able to nail it in one go. And they absolutely did with their with pairs leading with that inter turn 9. What is interesting is that Verstappen doesn't think that's the reason he got proposition. He reckons it was only worth a tenth of a second. He just nailed the rest of the lap of the exit from the chicane 7 80 chicane, particularly impressive. But yeah, again, absolutely brilliant from Verstappen and from Red Bull and it is interesting to also put the same sort of question to Lewis Hamilton he got asked about it in the press conference. Why didn't Mercedes do a toe? Because it's worked out and said brilliantly repel do you look very smart, but also could have looked very bad, but they didn't. But the point about that is, is that Louis Hamilton says, well, we don't really do that because it can go to disastrously wrong as it did for Red Bull in Mexico when Perez and Stafford came across yeki tsunoda. So we have seen it go wrong for Red Bull, but it didn't this time, so fair enough. Yeah, you have a bit of starting on the softs for the race tomorrow. And that's not what Verstappen wanted to do, at least that's what he's saying. And the reason why phrases like that is because Lewis Hamilton bizarrely was like, oh, you don't normally look up at one only locks up at her money, obviously hasn't watching any of the on boards from asses, this weekend, but pages that I'm skeptical with everything and then if he really locked up, then okay, but he sort of genuinely found it quite odd. But I think if you listen to his staff's reaction, you get a real sense that he didn't want to do what he did on the medium tyres halfway through Q two. He's right. I think ideally, you would want to start on the medium tires. I'm sure we'll come to talk about later on. So yeah, it wasn't a deliberate ploy from Red Bull as far as far as I can tell. Yeah, just circumstances, but equally, they could have gone back to a new set of mediums they didn't. They would like, right, okay? That's happened. Move on to the next move on to the next situation. And then out on the softs. I think that max starting on this off tomorrow will definitely spice up that restart. How wide do you think that that decision is looking ahead to the whole duration of the race? Do you think that is a choice that could potentially backfire on them? Against of maybe yes, maybe no, but what I would say is that it's definitely not the best strategy on paper in terms of how you would want to approach the race tomorrow, but it also really, really depends on how easy it is to overtake it with these track changes. Like talking to some teams through the interesting, if you look at turn 9, the first hairpin, let that happen at the end of this first act of sector. And turn 9 as well at the opposite end of the track. The braking zones are very, very, very short, so unless you've got a massive tire delta, don't think overtaking is going to be particularly easy there. That said, at the start of the lap those sector one, if you can stay behind it on the car follow very, very closely through those sweeping downhill bends, which I ran down around track tonight. It's us an amazing facility here. Got a great view coming out of town for all the way down to that stadium section where that new turn 5 years. But anyway, with that, if you can stay close through there, stay closer to 5, overtaking should be possible with DRS into the chicane that splits up the two backtracks. But we just don't know. In terms of the soft tires and what happens in car and it potentially backfiring. Rebel will look to launch away really, really well..

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