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We we spend a lot of time trying to connect them to services here in the community um we have uh we we get male for about eighteen 100 people here that they've star and we're in less than four thousand square foot building but often because people use our mailing address will get calls from relatives looking for somebody and there are actually seeking out their loved one to reconnect sometimes that works sometimes it's uh the issues with the person on this and are they don't care about me you know there's some mental health issues things like that so so but we actually have family members seeking out you know i haven't seen my relative sometimes it's um i want them to come home but i'm in recovery this is a recent one i'm in recovery so if i guess if they are actively using that's not gonna work for me and he ended up not going back so um and then a lot of times uh a lot of times the the relatives once we make the phone call they're willing to pay for it we're just making the connection that i i guess is a is a signal that there's a there's a home that's ready to hand at person crane walker executive director of day star life center thanks for joining us thank you of you from the trenches there from jane walker alastair g and julia carrie wong are with us for the rest of the way callers thank you for being so patient will begin in black river falls wisconsin matt welcome do on point.

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