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To game five will be tomorrow night from Pfizer forms going to be a nice day. So the district should be hopping as it was in Toronto. They've got this whole drastic part thing, Ashton, it looks a little bigger on TV than it really is. But it's a nice job by the folks with the raptors and setting that all up a lot of red, and the arena was maybe the loudest I've ever heard when the air balled, a free throw during last night's game just had this perpetual buzz throughout in the raptors played remarkable on defense officiant offense. The bucks looked a little lost, and they could not keep up. They could not keep up with the raptors. That's not a phrase I thought I would say during this series joining us on the line right now. He's covering the series and factories in Milwaukee. CBS sports NBA writer in analysts read four grave. You're right. It was loud. My goodness. I love that run TV yourself thanking that arena and it didn't come down every time you honest went to the line after that it picked right back up there. Is this perpetual buzz that just it just stayed there, the whole time the rest of the game like three quarters worth? I love everything about the raptors fan date. Except for great. So he's. The worst man. Like I, I don't I listen to a decent on a hip, hop at don't listen to Drake's music, but he just seems like we're gonna air, but like it's a debate right? He just seems like I don't know like it. Who cares meeting care like why are you? Why, why do you need to be front and center all the time. But like their fan base is legit others. The buck series of going seven coming in. And I it feels like it had all the making any seventy. Yes. So try and take bucks fans through why I it's okay to take a broader view and see this as a two series where the home team is one versus just going back to twenty four hours ago when things started to fall apart for the bucks in game four. I mean you were shot away, you know in a double overtime game being up through nothing. And I think the bucks are the better team in this series. I mean they're going to win. I someone asked me earlier day, like what's your certainty that the bucks went out, sixty two to sixty five percent? Right. What if he does like one begins bumper game to have been a better team? All them on Rogers defense is awesome. They are expected in acworth, but can't get anything done. You gotta remember. We seen the best version of the box in one game the series. They haven't shot above thirty one percent from three in a single game theory team that relies on the three and they're not making three nights. I don't think it's just a missing open shot because the raptors defenses is out of this world. But at some point, I do think ducks are going to break through like they did in game two wouldn't be surprised if they do so in game five like quiet quiet, certain even obsolete warrior what he did in game for basically on one leg which incredible. I know you only nineteen points. He he, he beat the bucks defense. Yeah. I mean, I'm not sure if I have like a ton of confidence in either team I just think this is like a are these are the second and third best teams up. Yup. Having beyond a doubt. The November Houston Rockets fans. I think these two teams at two or three both of the teams in give the warriors run on the silence. But yeah, the number one confidence thing that you have to have if you're the bucks, we got on us, and they don't number two is, we got home court vantage, a three-game series and they don't read, we were both together in Boston watching the bucks, overcome double digit deficits in the first half in win convincingly on the road. They made adjustments the adjustments the bucks made against Boston. Would they be best suited to be applied here in this series against the raptors? Or is it a different speeds that needs to be moved by my boot and Holzer? Yeah. I mean I, I am by no means an echo guy, but I think it's like very superficially as different testing because it gives his records in such a different team to me if you're looking at a judgment in game five the to the focus on what to do. They're like getting older. Kind of move toward that Indian for a whole lot, less blood and a whole lot, more George hill. Georgia wasn't amazing. But he seems a little bit more competent out there. And at least with blood, you, you feel that even if he's not making me threes. I mean nothing's not making threes, he's not getting to the rim. His defense is not what it was during the regular season. If you just watching the series, you look at that contract extension and be like what world is bucks taking us to the contract central. He was awesome during the regular season like he was the third head of a three headed east. But I do think that's something that boot holder alluded to after the game after game four all George, Sheldon, you gotta wonder if you need a little bit more brook Lopez like brook Lopez with only status. Got a positive plus minus he. I think they mean more of him on the floor, not because he's been particularly awesome this entire series but because Nicola marriage has been not awesome during the series. So, yeah, I and I know there's a whole, you know, life of bucks Twitter that big the problem. Here's they didn't get more DJ Wilson during the regular season. Therefore, they can't play much during the playoffs, and then that might be something to that almost like too late at this point to, to go down that road read four graves sports. Joining us on sports central presented by Miller lite. I had asked coach, but about the idea of shuffling the starting lineup. And of course he gave the standard answer. We'll look at everything I think they are leaning this way. But I don't think it's with blood. So I think it's a brogden for tips, switch read, and, you know, I think he phrased it really well, more hill, less blood. So, but Bledsoe remains your starter because that's where he was all season, and I think it's a fragile situation where you're, you're trying to lift a guy up and show comfort. Since putting him on the bench does not do that in any way, shape or form. But, you know, the other guy does tuned, three minutes, spurts. And if he's off to a decent start. Chris passing engaged in both ends. Then you leave him out. But George hill was on the floor within like three and a half minutes last night. It was very clear what boot and holds our had in mind with his guards and understanding where Bledsoe is right now. I love the idea of getting brogden and there is I know he was it wasn't making shots in game four but he's been consistent should retire NBA all season long. Mirror Tichy such a nice piece when he's on. But you certainly has not been on and we not hitting threes. Defense of liability, and he just got to get him off the floor. The bucket down like that is one of their biggest accents, especially in this series against there. The raptors offense was awesome in game four but the bucks of the beeper team, so us a little bit more that, that I think I, I love the idea of more brogden left MIR catch, and any Bledsoe's defense is still or for seamen BA. I'll be right. Like, that's that's still want something. Threes, like that's just it he's not making threes. Get to the and if he's not doing either. You can be floor, if you would've told me at the start of the playoffs, it's the best of three and the walk has got home court advantage with the opportunity of playing in the NBA finals two games potentially in Milwaukee, I think every bucks fan raises their hand and says yet signed me up, I'm taking it. That's the broad view, right? I mean it's still is, you know, homecourt is served itself. Well, you're you are, you're favored in this series and he will any box fan going into the season. This'll be the the that it'd be like, oh, my gosh. Eight minutes, I get the idea of using. Tumble overtime. Game is absolutely crushing. And then getting crushed and game for I it doesn't give you confidence. And you still have home court. You've been one of two best phone court teams in the NBA all season. You certainly don't want a game seven. But if you win game in five register on the ropes an unbiased observer doesn't really have a dog on other than my very close friend of the Hugh Joaquin bucks fans been yelling at me about him all season long. I kinda love the series. It's, it's a theory that such a you don't in it. It's a chess match. You had two of the best players in the NBA to every candidate and then supporting cats that are just perfectly fitted around them. I backed up ball fan. I love the series when you are a fan of those deemed it's a lot harder to look at it that way. But I'm I'm just thoroughly enjoying. Every single minute. Neither dinner recommendation for tonight or you good. I to maters few months ago, which was amazing. I love it. Didn't around downtown. Are you staying downtown? I am I'm like two blocks from the arena. Okay. All right. I was just doing a live at from a Punch Bowl social about our go that far off. Okay. I don't know what, what you're seeing is if you like fun Mexican, if you like just a good outdoor patio because it's nice and warm outside, if you're looking for something a little meatier like a big steak or pizza what your what's your jam tonight read? No, what I wanna be a hometown. I wanna feel like I'm a Milwaukee in Milwaukee. Not to say that, what's the demo for that. Yeah. What, what someone would do if they were like I live here with my family up her neck. Okay. We can come up with something asked in you're noodling in there. Well, okay. So it looked to me. When I go to a city that I don't live in my typical thought, is this, a fun place where or the Margaritas are flowing in fun, creative? Tacos, are being served. That's always going to be a great atmosphere and then like the microbrewery world. That's always a nice little community as well. You know what Mike rubber neck that, Dan, is my jam? I live in Minneapolis. And we are all about microbrews Minneapolis. Yeah. Well, what would be the number one like walkable within a mile of them pretty close while you're, you're pretty close to good city eagle park is outstanding, they maybe they've got outstanding food. And if you're an IT a guy like a hazy IP guy that, that's good living right there. That's good living speaking, my language, eagle park ego, part, although call the wife and kids and the straight to the boot Marie, okay? And if all Volva son tacos, become your thing, you can do authentic. Mexican like batons. That's an Uber ride. Belair is down there, which was a lot of fun. That's a Kristen lead lows favorite place. She told me that today. So. Think milwaukee. Underrated city I feel like the, the coast don't pay enough attention to us the, you know, middle coasters, but I dig Milwaukee lot good stuff. Right. Are joining us tonight. And I'll look for you tomorrow and shake your hand and see how your night went all right. Great appreciate a man. That's read four graves CBS, sports dot com. This is the fun part of the deal, right? More national media in Milwaukee covering the bucks..

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