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Institute dot org live from NPR news in Washington I'm Dave Mattingly researchers at Columbia University say thousands of coronavirus deaths in the U. S. could have been prevented if social distancing have begun sooner here's NPR's now read Eisenman they found that from March fifteenth on the rate really slowed due to people beginning to social distance in a big way voluntarily or due to stay at home rules so then they calculated what if that behavior had kicked in a week earlier on March eighth they found a week makes a huge difference we would have had fifty five percent fewer deaths through may third and with a two week head start we would have had eighty three percent or nearly fifty four thousand fewer deaths nationwide the virus has killed more than ninety three thousand people president trump is traveling to Michigan today to get a look at a Ford Motor Company plant where production has shifted from vehicles to medical ventilators Quinn Klinefelter with member station WDET reports the president will tour a Ford factory in Ypsilanti and also hear from leaders of the black community which has been hit hard by the pandemic in Michigan the state's a political battleground and trump is targeted democratic governor Gretchen Whitmer calling on her to free Michigan from her restrictive stay at home policies the president's tour of the Ford plant actually violates winners executive order suspending nonessential visits to factories this is NPR news from Washington this is WNYC in New York it's a thirty two good morning I'm David first sunny skies today fifty one degrees now in Central Park going up too high around sixty five New Jersey officials say scam artists are targeting the state's contact tracing program the state health department to scaling it up to track down a new cases and contain potential outbreaks but health commissioner Judy personality says more than a thousand contact tracing scams have already been reported the contact tracer will not ask for your social security number your bank or credit card number or your insurance information over a text or over the phone contact tracers usually call provide information about covert nineteen and ask patients for the names of people they have been in contact with the call usually takes.

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