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Maybe you couldn't be happier. Live long and prosper. Why you must have really impressed him when he was here. The last couple of times, really. Yeah. He must like the place. That's all I can say the James t Kirk William Shatner from Star Trek. He's going to be back for third time to the the TV set of the the enterprise the spaceship Star Trek and Ticonderoga weekend of June, seventh eighth now tickets range from twenty to fifty for a set tour without cheddar without chatter, and the thing you probably would be most interested is out of your price ranges. Yeah. The price. If you want a tour of the of the of the set replication with Bill Shatner, it's a thousand dollars. I don't know of anybody on the planet. I would spend that money and then, but there's there's one more too. If you wanna have pizza and beer with him afterwards. It's fourteen hundred. So maybe Bano, maybe. I don't know. I probably could. Yeah. It'll be interesting and you loved you to write that may be the only person on the planet. I would pay that kind of money for Shatner. He'd be entertaining. But I don't know about fourteen hundred dollars worth I wonder if he'd be entertaining because he can be very grumpy at times to presumably he'd be charming, and you're paying him to be happy. On that day for that amount of money paid fourteen dollars. He was in a bad mood was help. Now how he's in his early eighties. Right. No, no, no. He's in his late eighties. I want to say he is now eighty eighty seven or eighty eight something like that. So yeah, really seven eighty seven. Eighty seven. March. They must be that. He just I guess he's he's so very wealthy. I mean, I don't need the money. He must we just doing it. Because he likes the education or is just something to do. Just want to sit around the house every day. Weed out the die hard fans from that wouldn't be fun fans. Because I remember he made a brilliant deal member Priceline, which you know. Yeah. Go see ater. He didn't take any money for that. But he took a piece of the company and that alone made him a multi multi inner them off. He's still you still have to companies. I think in I think really I think that all Shatner and a lot of the cast members of the original shell have finally did not exactly embrace their legacy. If you will for now. Now, I think they have well, I mean at this time, but for so many look at their working actors, it's hard to get acting jobs anyway, and for so many of them not Leonard nimoy, but for so many than they were just typecast they had like one role and that was it a lifetime. You know? It's almost like I'm not saying these guys are great actors. But the thing that comes to mind is like the crew from the Brady bunch. It's like, well, that's our Gilligan's island. That's it. You know, pretty much. Yeah. No, you're right. You're absolutely right. So he made a great career t j Hooker one of the worst TV movies worst slash best TV movers movies ever created. With a young and not drug addled. Yeah. Locklear still that fourteen hundred dollars for beer and pizza. I what would be the won't be that. Would you pay five hundred dollars to hang out with shandra have beer and pizza? I might I'll tell you what I might pay for a beer and pizza. I might pay one hundred dollars. Yeah. You're not a player at that price. No. I'm I'm in broadcasting. You can just go home. And when you're not around. Spock ears on in in revel in the greatness, as I said live long and prosper. Nancy? Kerrigan the Olympic medalist was in town. Albany. She showed up yesterday at the Empire State plaza ice rink. She's promoting this the Aurora games. We've we've done interviews on an all new international all women's sports competition that's going to be a down to the to you Senator in the convention center. This summer in August. And she was she talked a little bit about us sports. And she's an agreement. I think you, and I are both in agreement that when it's done, right. And when the adults don't screw it up. It's it's a great thing. Is you so many life lessons that translate into so many other avenues, whether it's schoolwork or even being a mom, like, just whatever. And of course, she was also asked about you know, she may be sadly, best known for the whole Tonya Harding thing in that whole situation was revived with the movie that came out a couple of years ago. She says she gave an interview with the times union says it's weird. It's like bringing up something years later. What is good enough lifting? And makes you want to do something. Great. But that's my opinion. I didn't see the movie I didn't see any reason to see it. The whole thing is just said Tonya Harding is a really talented athlete to have to part of her life to it stinks. You hope to move on learn and grow. So she got sucked in by all the sleazebag surrounding. Yeah. There is so much to. I mean, somebody layer it was a made for TV movie. Yeah. Well, I mean, I hate to ask you. Oh, so you weren't that young. So you were I mean because the nation was rigged. I watched it in my dorm room, y'all. Yeah. Yeah. It was a big deal even at CNN. I remember sitting in my dorm room watching the whole thing on TV. Jeez. You remember? I mean, like they put out a hit on Nancy Kerrigan at the rink and wrapped your knees. And and and then you find out it was all people tight the Tonya Harding. And that she, you know, the whole the whole. Relationship. Even like, yeah. It was definitely so many layers to it. And I didn't see I Tanya. But I had heard that that really does show the other side that was really never reported, and I know people like carrying well, she didn't see it. But her supporters were very upset because they feel it was overly it gave too much support to Tonya Harding. Yeah. While had a very rough upbringing. Your mother was not a not a great mother that they felt gave her too much cover for what she actually agreed to do injure another rival, right? So the the naira meat is now official will start on July eleventh, and it'll run longer too dark days. It'll be interesting to see you, do you think there's any potential for that to be a permanent thing, or I you know, what they say it's only for this year because the construction at Belmont. But I have a feeling it'll probably be permanent. I think. They use that as an excuse to extend the meat they've been talking about it for years. Although it doesn't add any racing days. It's still the same number of days. So I'm wondering I mean for for Nyra how much more profitable. They think it's going to be. And the thing for the local economy because you have another week of people coming here if I if I owned a bar restaurant or rented out my house. I think it'd be happy. If I lived there and didn't run out my house or my lawn for parking. I think it'd be pretty upset. So and and those people they have power to you know, they have influenced so, but anyway, yeah. Those those dates it'll it'll begin July eleventh and on September second Labor Day. So that's that's quite a quite a long stretch. Interesting piece. I saw actually saw two pieces. I don't know if this is going to be their new battlecry gazette, but they're talking about whether the state should be doing a lot more research on problem gambling, given the fact of all the all the stuff that surfaced of New York state seen an explosion. Of course, a state authorized gambling all the new casinos sports betting is on the way. But it's been quite a while since they've done in a an extensive study on gambling addiction. I think the concern here is that when they were looking at places to build these new casinos that the agreement was that yet. Critics say gambling can do gambling addiction is real and a devastates families and communities, and if you're going to build a giant casino and bring people, and you'd better also have the controls in place for people who do develop the gambling addiction have resources available to them. And unfortunately, the boom in beacons in the casino industry. But they haven't also then had a parallel treatment program or resources for people who do have addiction issues. So that was the concern that was raised that. Yeah, you have all this gambling. But what about the people who need the help? That's not also keeping pace even in the counties where they have the casinos. There are no resources for these people. I mean, there's no doubt. It destroys lives. But on the other hand, I'm somewhat of a libertarian. I think you know, you're in charge of your own destiny. But it just for the state to be you know, it's kind of a weird stands for them because they're putting casino on every street corner. Sports gambling soon. It's like being a crack dealer, you know, about drug addiction. But here let me tell you. That was what I was wondering where you have all we talked about this new distillery opening, and we brewpubs all over the place. Do they also have alcohol addiction treatment centers cropping up on every corner where there's a bar that comes out? I mean, I understand there is there are resources available for people who battled alcohol addiction. But is that in proportion to the number of alcohol serving establishments chucking Kelly five forty four..

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