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May be the only way you're going to see less fake news and spaces like facebook is if you and everybody else just consumes less as her up worthy they're still here amy o'leary as editorial director of up worthy now she says the company's focus on original reporting more riders and the turn down the headlines if a headline maybe is sane this for it will definitely make you cry one of the rules i have as i go back to the writer every time as it will did this story definitely make you crowley did you actually shed tears at your task when you're working on this an strangely enough up were the recently partnered with facebook to make them videos which may be he makes sense when you consider what upward these ceo gyulai pariser told me he said being mad at facebook about all of this it'd be like being mad at the weather sam sanders npr news same sanders hosts npr's newest podcast it's been a minute a talk show about the news and culture of the week the first episode is out on friday in july nineteen fifty nine jazz pianist and composer thelonious monk recorded music for a film nearly thirty minutes of his work was featured in the french film lilley as on does euros the master tapes have just been released and reviewer tom moon says they offer a less into a jazz visionary at his peak french cinema had of grief torrid fling with jazz in the late nineteen 50s it was largely driven by music supervisor marcel romano who had nineteen vda hired miles davis to improvise the shadowy soundtrack to elevator to the gallows the next year he he lined up felonious monk for dangerous liaisons a hidden europe the picture prove controversial one us because of its twisted love plot monks angular questioning music added low levels hence oh when monk arrived at the session on monday in july of nineteen fifty nine he discovered that romano had prepared a list of queues the only had one day to record so the pressure was on those plans went out the window almost immediately as monk in his crew ripped through some of his will well known compositions.

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