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York City connected with the world. Here's Tom Sullivan. Well, here we are. And happy Friday to you on this fourth day of January two thousand nineteen. My name is Tom Sullivan. And I want to I had a chance to talk with congress woman. Jackie speier, and I want to play that back for you. Here this hour before we get. Explain that just a better. We've got kind of an old bit section going today. And we don't normally do bit sections. But I was just a a rash of people that I've either no or have some connection with who have passed away in the last couple of days. And today, we got the word that herb Kelleher. Has passed away. And he was the co founder of Southwest Airlines. I've interviewed him handful of times, I don't know three or four times. And he's just been a delight every single time at one time. He was. He was in studio with me he was co founder. I think it was a it was a Texas regional. Airplane airline that he had. And if I remember right it, they they use DC sixes and all planes, and I used to people in Texas would call a treetop airlines because they basically took off barely over the trees and then landed at the next airport wherever it wasn't tex-, Texas is a big state. So. But he turned that in to an amazing company. Let alone and amazing airlines. He ushered in low cost airlines low cost airfares now that was their moniker for many many years, and they were the low cost care not anymore. They are there's a lot of people that are very competitive with them. But their prices are still much lower than than maybe a lot of other airlines, but they're still they have other competitors. They're bright up there with them on price. But the company. Has never lost money. Never. And it's a company that when we you want to get into a debate about labor in management and unions, and all of that all of your arguments get blown out of the water when you take a look at Southwest Airlines because of the fact that they have a union and the management and the labor. Oh, they get their squabbles. And all that, but they get along terrific. Management supports labor labor supports management. They are. Highly paid as a result. That's why they get along. So well but Keller he was in the studio and. Well, why don't we take some calls? I said, okay. We had somebody called. I forget what the question was. The I think was the why is it that you give out a number for people when they check in and the first in line or last in line getting on the plane, and all that sort of stuff they were the first ones to come up with that sort of boarding process. And he sat there for a second. And he he just I could see him. And he was kind of looking off. He says well because I thought you would like that. I thought you the customer you the passenger would like that. So that's why we came up with that. That was his interest was in making you the passenger happy. And he said if I have happy passengers, and I have happy employees. I've got a successful company. So this was a clip they played this morning on CNBC. That it was. It was funny. It was it was. So herb Kelleher. But he was a genius. Building southwest to be the giant that it is. And this is him in an interview he was onset two thousand sixteen bantering about airline fees and taxes paranoid a little.

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