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Let's talk about another biden. Pick a person called rachel dean. Now i say person called rachel levine. Because this is a biological man who identifies as a woman in that's pertinent to our conversation At least according to these media outlets and of course these media outlets referred to rachel by the preferred pronouns that rachel has until i'm going to be reading. These articles verbatim aso washington post reports. This president elect joe biden announced tuesday that he will nominate pennsylvania's top health official. Rachel levine to be his assistant secretary of health. Levin a pediatrician would become the first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the us senate levin surface pennsylvania secretary of health and has been leaving the state's public health response to the coronavirus pandemic serving under xavier becerra. And we will talk about on. Just one second. Biden's nominee to had the us department of health and human services levin would oversee key health offices and programs across the department ten regional health. Nationwide the office of the surgeon general and the us public. Health service commissioned corps now. Rachel has some baggage remember. Renewal is the pennsylvania. Secretary of health has been leading the state's public health response to the coronavirus pandemic according to press in journal dot com pennsylvania attorney general. Josh shapiro announced today this is back in. May that over the past. Several weeks offices opened criminal investigations into several pennsylvania. Nursing homes shapiro at a press. Release that his office is going to investigate any nursing home engaging in criminal neglected patients and residents because there have been several allegations of that according to state department of health numbers released tuesday there are twelve thousand one hundred thirty resident in cases again. This was in.

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