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The one hundredth anniversary of the birth of the great radio broadcaster, Paul Harvey. And it seems this seems like a nice break from all the different stuff. That's happening. The cavenaugh hearing was in recess now. They're back to it. And as we reminded you earlier this morning, Kevin is not speaking today. He's just gotta sit there at a table and take it all the all the crap he'll get from the Democrats senators old appraisal. Get from the Republican senators. He's just gotta sit there and take it. They're not gonna actually ask them any questions and these senators can go on for twenty minutes. I think and just blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And but they'll they'll get it all out. So we'll hear more substantive things tomorrow. I'm sure and Rickaby in DC wall. This is going on. So I'm sure he'll have an interesting on the ground report for you. So back to Paul Harvey hundredth anniversary of his of his birth. And I'm going to play this for you. It's about. Got to look at the actual time. This is what happens when you decide to radio studio not built for the internet age. You gotta you gotta lean off the microphone to look at anything. Okay. This is three minutes long little over three minutes. While you're listening to this. I want you to think what year did Paul Harvey say. And by me, saying that, you know, it's not like nineteen ninety-five or any, you know, Paul Harvey broadcast from the forties all the way up through the thirties. I think he started all the way up through two thousand eight so, you know, by me setting up like, this it probably isn't from two thousand five. But take a listen to this piece of audio. Think about how many years ago, it was said. And how dead spot on Paul Harvey was take a listen. Or the devil. If I were the devil. The.

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