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For the government prosecute anyone they like. So the leaders of this movement are very young. You and Joshua. Wong you both very very young man, and you've obviously come to a decision. One of you staying there, Joshua. You're coming to the UK. Can you explain the strategy? Of You leaving Hong Kong. Well well, you may have a third up my rival in the UK the Well, we've got from attitudes. Who was all way now? Suspending the extradition treaty with China and Shadow. Foreign Secretary has been. Really strong commenting on unconcern concerned by the of Pemba much to the election. You See that change is happening what? Online amounts we've seen a structural shift. indicate kate towards a more assertive policy when dealing with China and I take my assistant also take no a very strong message that that. Situation in Hong Kong, that crisis is rich to a very wearing level, so it really accelerate that trump's. Now hope that might. Really push only the trump tro, shift, indio cave, but also in Europe. I, just WANNA play a sound bite in response to criticism of this national. I want to play the sound bite. Which is from Carrie Lam? WHO's the Chief Executive of Hong Kong? The. Law Will Not Affect Hong Kong's renowned judicial independence. It will not affect legitimate rights and freedoms of individuals which are protected under the Basic Law and relevant international covenants applied to Hong Kong. They include among. The freedom of speech of the Press of Assembly of demonstration and of procession. In short, the legislation will not undermine one country, two systems and Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy. So Nathan Law she's basically saying it won't make any difference to all the democratic freedoms that you cherish so much and yet Joshua Wong. Your colleague said this will be the end of Hong Kong. We know it very briefly. What do you want? The US France the West the democratic world to do about this given. How dependent everyone is on China trade and economy? Well, WHAT CAROLINA! Is Life because the one come to some in fact when you talk about one country, two system, the two most important pillar while freedom and autonomy, and well that setup of the national security law destroyed them both. We don't have like freedom of expression now and Hong Kong Spain takeover by the the the secret agency find by China the Chinese A. Cryptic direct control in Hong Kong so this is basically the end of one country two. Regarding regarding the situation I think the international community is just fall. In A coherent front that could really hold China accountable. Do not own meet their immorality salvation Xinjiang in Hong. Kong and try after McKenna them to make them while pay when they come into these human rights violation by the end before the Western democracies or the Western countries I've always been protecting that. China opened up by themselves, but in in fact the. What this is proven. Wrong prediction now we should act. We should form alliance and to hope China accountable. Nathan Law thank you very much indeed for joining me with your perspective on this, and now we're going to have response from Allen. Who is a barrister is also vice chairman of Hong Kong's pro-beijing Liberal Party, and he's actually joining me from Hong Kong. So, Mr who welcome welcome to the program you heard what Nathan Lord just told me. In terms of how Carrie Lam chief executive defended the new situation. He says no way. No, how it's not going to be like she says as you heard. He called it a lie about what's going to happen to the future of Hong Kong. Can you guarantee not just two people Nathan Law, but to people all over the world who value democracy that will continue. I believe. It will continue and Did you.

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