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Am 750 wsb now more of odu williams welcome back every line we've got a lot of calls here we got anything spatial do right now the calls now we don't heading okay let's go to of got a call from west virginia richard is calling known real tree radio go mourn richard cozart about a third day better targeted all right today or tonight turner close by it is very positive highway will look like every you got to be careful because you could even be careful because they did what right out no one else them really though because when there were because you're trevor bayne other weather in goes it will i have not what's i have not i don't i've done a lot of salt water fishing not a great deal of sought offshore owned the offshore excursions to crocodile bay in search i'm for sale fish and things like that but i have not done net have you no i ever heard about an arc of it was over a pen of although i think they have a few people were good it is say the thunder tv wonder what about so i live with those because without them oh so they could stick and they can also will they i'll i'll bet so we have uh i had a guy one tamp tell a call the show years ago and he told me about an experience he had because he was way dean uh off just style she'll worried some shallow waters and an octopus got after him and he wrapped his testicles around his leg i think he mit i think he meant tentacles the somebody over there bird because some of the play orlando on an order some of those are slowly editor governor gina were there let me ask you a richard are you listening how are you listening to the program today d s s a radio wsb or what well i am data behavior wheeling away sb nation good well i appreciate dad sb nation is where our own where own just about eighty stations now own the sp nation and i will quote the whatever year the asset mike assetbacked at one point two million people listen to the program one point two way had a go thanks for calling have.

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