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No home. Your alvarez is a monster and he's hitting he he just takes a swing and it goes to the left centerfield fence so easily your resume so good i. I'm hoping for the greatness of baseball. He can stay healthy for the full year. Is that really. What's the question coming into spring training. Houston's offense i mean again it's kind of top heavy as well to mile straws not much of a threat I guess he's a little bit but he makes contact more than he does and he's still base. I've got straw in a league where. I really need thirty steals and i took him over garrett hamson and right away i was like That's going to be a mistake. Hamson can't hit. He still basis already. He can't he can't hand them looking at the top of the lineup. Get on base. He's not a good hitter. I mean he used to be then again. There's plenty players like that. like certain. New yankee pitched game winning. Hit guy who you're talking about rookie. Rebecca door he doesn't he looks so young without the here. Doesn't it also looking young as our tyler chat would cologne kyle. We got some hash browns. Let's here try was on the injured list by the way. I'm sure you're well aware of that. You gotta drop this. You gotta you gotta drop the love this innate happening i let it go. Start making showers to happen. It's not going to happen. Fun fact. a save chance chat will blow. Hey he looking at this first three outings. And i had a terrible first week in my long-running but i'm drafted showered in the last round. As a joke. Innings pitched one of categories. I won by a third of inning. So thank you very much for. His five outs got done. One mia category. That will come back in to be quite important. Come comes the summer. So yeah he's my l. mazar is not tying up roster spot trivia our. I want to ask the question that i want you to answer. Why this guy's routinely underrated then come back and answer the question later. Justin turner always underrated. Never appreciate it in my opinion. Who the one corner infield one corner infielder with a higher batting average mr turner since two thousand seventeen minimum one thousand plate appearances rondeau even pay attention to the rules. Eric no that's wrong. Why is he underrated. I am answer later on. You're not saying charter is under eight. You're saying the answer to this. Trivia question is underrated underrated. I think i think he's ready to properly. And the reason is because he misses so many games so while he's off to a great start nobody ever questioned. He was a good hitter. You bet three hundred every year. Sometimes he hits for power gets on base doesn't turner is what he is very good player but for fantasy purposes i mean he missed the third of last season. He missed twenty seven games or yeah. Twenty seven games a year before that in two thousand and eighteen. He missed fifty nine games so he. He misses a lot of games. And it's not because of the dodgers because he's getting hurt and also he hasn't knocked in more than seventy one run since twenty sixteen so i appreciate a three hundred batting average as much as anyone else. Maybe more but he doesn't feel basis he doesn't knock in runs. Power is kind of comes and goes and he misses a lot of time. So i would argue that. He's actually rated quite properly outside our top hundred by the way to say no. No i do agree. I think that's a pretty good assessment of them but he is a very appealing player in points leaks more appealing points than he is much more. He's one of the players on the list of considerably more valuable in those on the sabermetrics leagues than try without being a big walker. Like he takes his share but like like. You automatically soon as i. Carlos santana joey votto. Oh yeah they're much more valuable in points in rodeo but justin turner is too because batting average matters. It doesn't make outs and you look if you've got a even bench and you can afford that the l. Stints then go for it. But i think he's ready to properly it. He's off to a good start right. Now that's awesome. Okay fine you can have. I still like. We'll come back to that trivia question at the end of the podcast but right now we'll get the hash browns. Norman wants to know if there's anything there with dane dunning too early to tell. They're being very careful with his pitch. Count like i mentioned earlier and i think his outing. This week is important. A lot of people added them at twenty six. Were strike at potential. I think the white sox regretted although they love lance lynn but I just. I don't know me through. I think seventy pitches against toronto in his first outing. He just happened to five innings. It might have been three and two thirds. They taking him out of that game so the fact that he won is a little i. I think it might be a little misleading. That's all they've been talking by the way a lot about having him be the piggyback star behind an opener. So that tells you a lot data fantasy so why not actually that that. Got my physically. Because they deign dunning not gonna finish with three twenty era and he's not gonna win any games doing that so oh i disagree with you on that. What do you disagree with. I think this might actually help him win more games but they're using him as the starter. Not the guy comes in no no. They talked about using him as the guy comes in on the third inning. They haven't done it yet and they're not doing it this week with right. I know what their their idea coming into opening day was. There will be two slots in the rotation. His was one of them and jordan lyles was the other where they would be the follower. So he'd be the yarborough type. I see your point about the workload. There's going to be a cap on them. But if they do lock in. He pitches the third to the sixth. That's going to help them win. When perspective it hurts if starts. I guess because silly win. Rule where it's like. Look this is so outdated this rule a guy. The first four innings pitched great documents the fifth and sixth average and get the win Giovanni guy who has got the wind and a carnal.

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