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The ringer. We've done a great job with it was sports. Having ex athletes participate on shows But what about like washed up actors being a significant part of our talk you know. They love being called washed up and they also i guess if they're officially retired then maybe they're willing to uphold gas but otherwise they think they're still in it. This is the thing with athletes. You hit forty five. It's like i don't know what to tell you. May we offer you a broadcasting job and they accept it. You know actors. They're just going to be waiting for that next revival. you know. It's a good point on the other hand. Self-awareness is the to great podcasting. Knowing that i persona is very important again we'd have to pick and choose on our actors but that's okay. That's what makes them wonderful. I like the rectal suggestion. pretty much. Any tarantino character loquacious and willing to share their takes okay. What's next question. Jim moret hope i'm pronouncing asks. Do you have a few great movies that you refused to rewatch because of the emotional journeys too intense feel. We were asked version of a question. Like this in the past and i said irreversible which i will never watch again which i don't really. I'm not squeamish at movies but that's a very difficult movie that features a harrowing sequence rape sequences very upsetting. So i won't be watching guests arnott's here responding times my re watchable qualifications really are like you comforting. And do you wanna do. I wanna spend time in your world. So it's most but the movie that popped up for this roma for me. Which is i really think is a masterpiece and i had just a very very like holy shit movies experience. Seeing that film. I was really very deeply moved by it. And it's also extremely upsetting. And the and i think you all know the sequence that i'm talking about and i don't think that i could sit through it again. Yeah i mean..

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