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I don't know it's gotta get worse don't you think don't you think a couple all i'm glad you said that i'm going to bring up something for and we completely disagreed in the fall he's got to get out there and feel good about himself i completely i would have shut them down last year he was hideous last year at the end these are his last eight starts for the i'm not even going to include the houston one which was me remember that one winnings mighty through guy these are his last eight starts last four last year three and a third five runs four innings seven runs four innings three runs four hits and four weddings four runs seven heads he can get out of the fourth inning in any of these games four starts this year member we went goo goo gaga the opening date and not opening but his first started this year coup five innings scoreless much know you want to go back and get the back pages after that day right after spring he pitched people were there's no doubt about it your last three five innings four runs nine hits five innings four runs eight hits last night six innings six runs eight hits that is not bad that's atrocious horrendous yeah those are eight consecutive starts aside from one that was okay fine that's off he cannot make another major league pitcher he can't make another star right now and i think they'll option that they should go with is the shoulder stiffness elbow soreness whatever come up with something put him on the dl have vargas come up after his next rehab start seaview can get harvey on track try to restart a one more time and if you can't at that point see you at that point then you've given them every opportunity this year i think so all right jerry you got some stuff from we're brought to you by the spring sales event on it security dodge chrysler jeep ram in amityville here are the sounds and here was the immortal kurt suzuki suzuki launches one down the left field line headed toward the corner cessnas back near the law i suzuki talks one inside the foul pole for a two run homer for the second straight start harvey behind early three enough just doing their man he should have he should've climbed up the thing he knows how to do that.

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