Donald Trump, Russia, Batum discussed on Part of the Problem


He'll thin and i i would tend to believe that if they were meeting with russians i bet on some level when donald trump saying shut like russia if you happen to have the rest of those emails please send them to me i think batum probably has a real problem with it and has like a real problem and really is against that that is my guess but on purely speculate right i dunno the other thing is headed the mercer's that's the family that gives a lot of money to a two bannon and bright art ravin aim right i'm not sure okay i could be wrong but the oath at part of the story that all was a little bit interesting has got the copremiers sir that they give a lot of money to the republican party then he got these mercer guys who i think i think the names mercer but apparently they apparently at first they were gunning with cruz and then the kinda shifted with trump when he was ahead but all of its a that with all that money that doesn't seem to be mainstream republican oriented in any way that they can't kind of rain vision what that party is i'm sorry okosa say that will more time all right iso yeah no where he got the copremiers men their one of the major republican donors a strike me as being significantly more libertarian then what the party's values are mmhmm then he got these mercer people who seem to have this other agenda that the more allied when suryadi's van and now but it's not just conservative 'cause they don't they don't strike me like there were were hawks in any way or i don't know what's bannon bannon seems to me november's nationalist theatens who not not a hawk for sure right so i guess i'm surprised with this much money behind the scenes that like we still have what is the mainstream republican party well i think i got to say i mean i think this was one of my big lessons or big takeaways of the uh of the two thousand sixteen election is that it's really not anywhere near as simplistic as the left views the role of what they would call money in politics um certainly there are people who exert influence over government um.

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