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Now all of the news you would probably mess for date as quick for Hey guys did you miss the super breaking news of Kirsten Gillibrand dropping out of the twenty twenty democratic presidential race last night this is my excited voice yeah moving on this via this is a couple different sources a forty six year old immigrants illegal immigrants is the fifth person arrested a rape charges in Montgomery County Maryland in the last month the Salvadoran National and illegal immigrant Nelson rye as men drawn has been arrested he was charged with raping a teenaged girl at knife point he snuck into her bed issue sixteen years old and held a knife to her throat and then as the and the radar and he this is again heat this is the fifth time that that makes this three hundred fourteen such cases this is twenty said in twenty sixteen according to ABC the local US channel seven news are they say that's an average of twenty six a month what in the world is happening here and by the way that guy the guy refer he's married with ten kids six under the age of eighteen they work at a bakery in prince George's county Maryland and ISIS hands of course were tied because the democratic Montgomery County executive mark all right well he refuses to deport anybody they won't work with ice to yeah what was trump was so wrong when he was saying those things or something right now well bill Barr is holding a holiday party the trump hotel and if you believe the media reports it sounds like we're all paying for it but it's he is actually paying for it out of his own pocket because it's the bar family Christmas party and the media is acting like the bar family Christmas party and then paying for their own family Christmas party is the big bad deal that they're mad because of the from hotel you know that's that's why let's see here all right all right all right Matthew McConaughey joins the university of Texas at Austin AS eight faculty professor he graduated there with Valerie nineteen ninety three and he's talked to different classes there for the past several years but he is going and he's he's joining their faculty the movie college dean J. burn hard said he's actually teaching film classes and he is I bet those flies is gonna fill up like a really really fast so he is now faculty there at view of T. in Austin moving on down the line the trump administration going to roll back some roles with regards to the methane they are in their easing up requirements in oil and gas sites to monitor methane leaks and plug them this is coming from the Associated Press it's a proposed it's a proposal from the EPA so they act like tons already done did it they say trump of men to roll back the EPA just simply suggested it so far it hasn't yet been adopted as official policy and coming up Lawrence o'donnell tries to Shakespeare walk back is earlier claim and a lot of other stuff.

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