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Nonetheless. I've got it up I would say is probably right up there and Marty. Siamese that's illustrated and he said To Patrick thanks to pump up my tires on air or something like that so I got that one in a frame to so those are probably right up there Kobe Bryant in that picture was wearing the Lakers wight Jersey on Sundays. Right with the number eight. Yeah Good Point. Yeah at home. I always wanted the Kings to develop a Jersey like that white at home purple numbers. Maybe a Gold Trim any specific Kings Jersey or Jersey pattern that you like the most or felt strongest about. I love those ones that we just saw. They decided on. Tv Right. Nine thousand nine hundred ninety three but like those early eighties. You know the early the First Jersey there right when Wayne joined the team. I love those teams. So much does right now the We did an interview with David. Courtney arrests in peace who happens to be the PA announcer for those who don't know and he actually helped design those jerseys because back in eighty seven or whatever it was the kings were such a small organization that everybody had to do so many different jobs everybody had to wear so many different hats and he told a great story about The designing of that Jersey. But you mentioned Marty mcsorley pumping stars. You've worked with a lot of former Alec Marquel Albertina sorry different. Martin took it but I did work with Marty when I my my first analysts that I worked with that.

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