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At all star weekend with that person. When you see now the pressure is going to start to come because their expectation playing with k. d. playing with carrie james harden so when that by just long joe hair should get every shot he's ever dreamed of giddy. He should easy easy easy. He's just who fifty percent wide. Open you gotta you gotta come double d and james harden you ready to write this group. I read and write about. But it's gonna be a struggle because people believe that they is the same thing with the clippers teams that we can get to the basket on new guy. They can stay in front of us and we'll see congo a see when they get the other. Mvp candidate paul george back hollow. Y'all thinking about what about that. Let's get him back. let's see here. There's some rumors. And we gotta get lou williams back on track. I don't know what happened. I thought it was all trades. You've got trades out the building. Everything was going to be clearly. Been much happier and better coach. Big dogwood have the record. The record is not indicative of bank. Paul george for awhile devon pep. He may not be the point guard. But he defends point guards at the highest low. Lebron james a little work. Mom cook him. They do not cook it. Yeah put him into blit every time once on block. Lebron shot on a christmas day game at the end of the game. Three pointer to win the game and he blocked it up out of his hands off the top of his head out of bounds to win the game and the whole obama with that right. Yup who did you. We got a really really good team. We had a really big ring. The really ring ceremony. And it's all what it was made of cubic zor build if today so although. Yeah so tom brady. Zuma regal cubic kobe kobe. no-one. Nobody stay need bubble. Kansas city got sleeping zone. Bans all down four officer lamb down off his land. Yeah it happens. Oh similarly fisher schwartz overnight bucks. Were down both starting safeties. Aaron rodgers for the whole second half seen on this position his quarterback in the most important thing you can do it. Protect the quarterback. Yeah are you talking about safety. Tom brady was down his starting right guard for the super bowl. You lost him. Did you shave you. I'm proud of myself twelve. You look as the do walk. i go back. did we make that transition oppy. Doing is betting on my minnesota timberwolves. Today who are hosting skips clippers. Because it is but it's been a tough..

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