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Home. Run guys could hit thirty plus home runs and there's just a handful of them and you know i i think when when the numbers really started escalating you know that's the kind of the courtesy you gotta start eyeballing and saying okay. Maybe that's when it kind of started but that wasn't until probably my you know well at least until ninety seven or ninety six like ninety seven areas so i kind of take pride in the fact that i didn't play entirely in that era when i take a look at the players that did not do it like yourself and i already mentioned a couple of other players. What do you think differentiated them. What made them say now. I won't do that when they were aware of others. That were well <music> boy. I'll tell you what for me <hes>. I think i praise the lord i mean i. I was just so <hes> naive to it. All i mean i really didn't know anything about it. I mean <hes>. I was never exposed to anything like that so <hes> i think that was the biggest thing i was never exposed but i think more than that i mean i think it has ask your character and your integrity and i've always you know try to play the game the way and i always did things right and i always kept my nose clean on and off with the i i think those are things and they go with but at the same time you know god bless me talent that i didn't have to rely on something else to be productive at the major league level and i think ultimately that's what when it comes down to is probably vast majority of the guys that were doing it. We're doing it to look to get into competitive edge or you know maybe they weren't <hes> able to play their natural. Natural abilities were enough to keep them at that level and <hes> you know the temptation was too great so <hes> you know i. I don't i as much as i want to say. My character in integrity wouldn't allow me to do it. You know you can't help but wonder what if you're in the spot of that guy that kept going up and down and you know maybe getting a taste eh getting fed down or whatever i mean you know who knows what have been like an issue but i'd like to think that i could have avoided and i think most people would say that <hes> if you take a look out there and you see a a lot of players that are doing and you say hey. Everybody else is doing it in. This is the way the games being played right now. So be it. I may as well joint well and that's true i mean and that goes along along with what i was saying is that you know these guys that are up and down and they're looking at this guy here in this guy's doing it and he's getting up there and he's standing there going well. Shoot you know i i. I guess i could understand that as well but hey you know what i was very blessed. Guy gave me a great amount of talent and and <hes> i didn't need to hit thirty home runs and <hes> you know that that made me uh-huh homerun hitter and they gave me a place in the game and and i'm just i'm thankful for that and the other thing too tim the only people i really feel badly for people like mickey mantle and mike schmidt and willie willie mays and hank aaron to those that one about setting their records getting their marks doing it the way that it should've been done only to have others. Maybe surpassed them in those records because i don't think that that is really fair. Well i agree with that too. I think there's a there's a lot of that that i agree with and <hes> you know as much much as we want to sit back and maybe start analyzing. Who are the culprits who the guys that maybe aren't deserving of the attention <hes> once again until you have the evidence..

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