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W O R. Well, Here's the kind of story that will send you scurrying to your attic. To see if you have any old comic books from your childhood. Vintage issue of the Batman number one comic book that man number one came out in 1940. And The stories by Bill Finger and it was illustrated by the Great Bob Kane. This vintage 1940 Batman number one sold at auction on Sunday. Get this letter to $10.2 million. $2.2 million for the old Batman comic book now. It's not the first comic book to feature the Caped crusader. He actually first appeared in something called Detective Comics Number 27, which actually sold for 1.5 million in November. But the Batman number one comic book introduces us to Who of Batman's biggest adversaries, the Joker. And Catwoman. Now I found a couple of Catwoman because when I was a kid growing up I love the old Batman TV series with Adam West and Burt Ward. It was always on time I got home from after school, I think was the S e think of starting 66. So I was wasn't really around for the original. But I would always watch the reruns in the afternoon and I was always remember the very sexy Julie Newmar as Catwoman so well, here's old Julie from the sixties, The sonic Beam in this gun can slice like a hot knife through the high priced spread. But every sin impasse Shall I steal your voice or end your life? Whichever you decide, I'm sure it will be the wrong choice. Have a pretty sharp tongue for a man about the second bite of this world. Batman. Big big for your mortal existence. I'd rather die than beg for such a small favor as my life. Doesn't that remind you of the way Natalie sometimes threatens us around here Now he's got a little cat woman. She's got a little cat woman here. Do a little Catwoman personality sort of, you know, Thanks for your life, leading beg for your life if you don't get out in time. I don't wear that outfit to work, though. Tell you that much. That was some outfits. Really? Woz was something Catwoman was also played by the wonderful singer Eartha Kitt. So here's a little bit of Earth a campus Catwoman. I want to live it. Big boy made good cat woman with a.

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