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To the BBC we'll service. This is news coming to you live from London with James kumarisami caught. In Hong Kong has reached back to colonial times to convict nine pro-democracy activists on public nuisance charges for their actions five years ago prominent campaign is Chen Qin man, Benny Tai and to you Ming or among a group of protesters who took part in demonstrations calling for more autonomy from Beijing, which became known as the umbrella movement outside cool today, a large crowd chanted in support. The charges. Carry a maximum prison sentence of seven years speaking before he entered the cool to one of the accused Benny ties said that whatever the outcome. The fight for democracy. In Hong Kong would continue. This morning view calm. But then when I see so many supporters coming that I just feel so excited and no matter what happened today. I have the club indi- many people today, we'll continue to stifle Hong Kong's democracy, and we'll process on and we will not give up a mountain Lizzy founding champion of Hong Kong's Democratic Party. I asked him for his reaction to the convictions. I'm very sad that these people that are convicted today and will be sentenced tomorrow. And I think they will go to prison, and I'm not so paints my heart to see that this beautiful movement should end up like this on com. Tell us about these three people, do you know them. The no end of them. Very well, indeed and thrilled the liberal visit to them from time to time. This cardinal zen gather, these lovely people, they're really the criminal. Cram of community and the other defendants to not sort of people that every civilized contribute love to have as citizens. But now the convicted and they were convicted under the colonial era laws. What do you make very very occa- glows inciting others to incite yet? Other people to commit public nuisance by team, the traffic, and and so on and these of offenses, which clearly a cake and should not be utilized anymore. Certainly not in Hong Kong and the places where we have human rights lows. And of course, we know that the common look. Oh can protect human rights. A government is resorting to such a K glows. What does that tell you? Then that the coolest have come back to these laws in order to secure convictions. Why won't put the blame on the on the call? Because it's the government is prosecutor the secretary of Justice who chose a loss to us. There were other statute which clear like simply authorizer simply that sort of thing. But no they deliberately picked these k- offices as far as I'm concerned. These people convicted because they chose to spread the message of hope in the city of despair with enough in peace and much fail. The Beijing government and to the betterment of government. That's why convicted call Hong Kong city of despair in how to cite state is the democracy movement of the moment. Well, if dead because the we were promised, they would have democracy ten years often handover, and this is the twenty third year and nowhere in sight in fairly chief executive said did not even say that she lived with anything to get him up with Hong Kong, and she said to put him up now is like looking your head on the wall. So she's not going to push at all you say the movement is dead. Can it be resurrected in any way? Of course, it can if Beijing, but on that its promises to Hong Kong and to the international community that the bulk Crecy universal suffrage actual rich in the basic law constitution, and they describe it as to Otomat aim and in the basic law promise that during the first ten years of handover, we would not have it. But after ten years, we would have it but nowhere near is not even incite anymore. What do you do what does someone like you who who's being with the democracy movement from the stock do that if you consider democracy to be dead? Lee. Because there's still a prompt still promise we will just push on how well I think the international community can help the connection could -bility kid and still support this principle of one consistent. And so when things go wrong, I think the international community the people of Hong Kong at least in upper gaping Emoto occasion to speak photos talk to the Beijing government Austin. When are they going to deliver the promises of democracy? Because of you allow Beijing bring promises like this. What is the good of any agreement with Beijing knowing that they would be broken? It will. So in the interest of international community to make sure the Beijing delivers under the Seidel, British terrific. Which.

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