Kramer, Marysville, Michigan City Council discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Austin dot com warning from federal regulators to the elderly mother before by a telephone Medicare scam how often does your phone rang and you think you realize the number only to find out if somebody claiming to be from somewhere important Sally Ann in Medicare enrollment center on a recorded line here in the past you required about your Medicare supplement cabaret most likely it's a scam but it's been fooling enough senior citizens into giving up their social security numbers that FCC chairman ology pie is putting out a warning that personal information is in use by the scammer to essentially rob the consumer of some of their hard earned money the FCC wants to never give out personal information over the phone and it's okay to hang up if you're unsure of who called and then brown fox news putting politics aside and family first Republican congressman Sean Duffy of Wisconsin announcing he'll step down from his house seat next month saying the family's pending new addition due in October will require more care and attention and he needs to be at home Rachel Campos stuffy congressman's wife is a fox news contributor a Michigan city council candidates who drew headlines with the controversial comments dropping out of the race team Kramer is no longer running for a city council seat in Marysville Michigan last week the sixty seven year old sparked outrage when she said she wanted to keep merry's fill a white community as much as possible she then followed up by saying in other words no foreign people Kramer also caused controversy when she said she didn't think people of different races should marry the city's mayor called Kramer's comments racist vile and jaw dropping and he urged her to quit the race on Monday she did although her letter didn't cite a reason Pam who sell fox news of the downsides of a better economy too much traffic a study by Texas a and M. university finds increased gridlock at.

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