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Why? Why are we doing this? What is the analytic? Say, you have to do it left you on a lefty because it's harder for left. You hit a lefty, oppose a righty hitting lefty. They made the move they got, I understand what he was trying to do. He brought in would capitulate diverse, who's left handed Denver's. They decided to take him out. They put Nunez end the rule, say, outwit s to pitch at least one guy before he can make another pitching change. So he decided and you're forcing cores hand at this point either left on left, are you're gonna burn Denver's the those are the two choices. Yes, he decided to earn Denver's newness. It's three homerun. Dave Roberts got out managed in that spot what they should do in the future. They should put cameras down the bullpen so that the managers could actually. See what they look like warm enough. It's not that change their mind. It's not what? What do you need to see every time he comes in? He gives up a home homerun. We've seen, I don't need a camera. No, he's going to give up all run. I knew he was gonna give home run when he came into the game. But what tell me you used to be a pitcher? Give it up home runs. How did you guys do that? Do what this give up home runs like that we're trying to do it, but you just say, every time he comes in, he gives homeless. There's a little box in the corner. Every time you look up exhibit of home runs. If he knows he's giving him home, runs wanting to do something different than not up to them. Okay, you're you really ask him? Yes, I'm serious because he can't execute his pitches. I I know what not to do. I know not to leave a curveball over the middle of the plate. I know not to split the plate in half with a fastball needed to be in. I needed to be out any my curve ought to be down in a way my fastball to be up in. I know what I need to do, its execution. It's the same thing. Did you ever run out and say, I'm going to drop a pass? No, too many and my, but you dropped a couple in which the it's the execution. It's not game plan, execution kidding, execute and hasn't for a month. So do you. So you ever. Right here. Hold stuff. Do you ever try to fix it if you're him? No. Do you do you do you not during the World Series what you try to fix it? In a sense, you try to execute more effectively. You try to stay away from that pitch that they keep smack it? No, not to make it about me, but I was a curveball pitcher if I wouldn't throw my Kirpal I couldn't get anybody out. So I might hang on every once in a while. It gets hit over the fence, but I can't. If I'm a curveball, Lama curveball couldn't get anybody out. Right. Interesting. So I have to through my curveball, but if I'm hanging, that's getting hit too. But if I'm hanging fast, I know that's going to get. I know, man because whenever you pay for the, what was it the the the groundhog day. I mean them days back then and. Hogs boy, you did that curve ball left up there in that stadium. I tell you, I tell you what he has been dragging this guy all season long, and I just need to understand his God. Related. There's something going on. Okay. Help helped me because I'm looking because I was just curious as to the quotes that Dave Roberts. The. It would be some stand. May twenty seven twenty eighteen Dave Robinson. Alex would he didn't have it tonight? Right. Keeps going on and on and on. Here's the story. So thirteen twenty eighteen robbers places. Alex Ross strictly in the rotation, but he keeps in on. Whereas all strip Monette. Playing golf somewhere. I don't know. I don't understand. So I need to know..

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