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To three at the world cup one more semi final coming up on wednesday but on tuesday was france with a one nil win over belgium brands becoming the sixth team to reach three world cup finals it's their sixth major tournament final only two teams in europe have more at being germany well out in front with fourteen italy has nine france now has six they move into the final espn analyst taylor twelve i think when you look at this group of players and this is the youngest group that a french national team has ever brought to a major tournament to a world cup and when you look at this meal they really believe in what they're doing but they also have a chip on their shoulder what i mean by that is i was there in the stadium in paris when they lost the two thousand sixteen here paean cup final to portugal it almost seemed like from that moment they said you know what we need to get back to a major tournament final i don't disagree with that i think this is francis all right so if it's france's world cup to lose than oo do they want to win between croatian england i don't think it matters i really don't i think they're that confident now you're asking me who's got the upper hand between england and croatia i still think it's the english because gracious played what a two hundred and forty minutes with two games going kicks i'm not sure they can recover in time to try to do that for a third time but when you look at the french national team i don't care who they care about anything nothing all right so legs and lungs croatia so you pick england to win that and go to the cup final against france is that what i'm hearing i do i do but i remember looking you right the is saying russian you've looked at me with this work in your face and said russia's going to beat spain and then you also told me you were going to take croatia so basically i'm telling you whatever i pick take the opposite he could take france when they're playing in that part of the world france has reached the semifinals of every world cup on european soil for which it has qualified since nineteen eighty two they beat belgium one nil on monday moving into the finals of this one it was the seventy fourth meeting between these two teams france has won all three world cup meetings the most against a single opponent in its world cup history so france gets either croatia or england in the final on sunday final taking place on sunday the other semi coming up on wednesday sportscenter allnight espn radio and the espn app you spent nine years in spain but cristiano renaldo is on the move real madrid says he is leaving julie foudy and casey keller are espn soccer analysts so is having some issues actually i think he wasn't quite getting along with the president their foreign chino peres had promised that he would get a pay raise neymar was making more money messy was making more money that pay raise never came and he was feeling like the club didn't want them and i think that's a heart and he even said after they won the champions league most recently said that a very good time at this club which is when everyone started to suspect oh interesting you're saying that in the past tense there are some issues here so i think it was he felt like it was time to move on and wasn't sure he was completely appreciated for the talent which we've seen for many years now think about that four champions league's four balladur's meaning the best player in the world and that's only at nine years at real madrid he has had a really good time the numbers are off the charts check this out he's the all time leading score and row madrid history over a goal per game during his career that's just ridiculous one point oh three goals per game average more than twentyseven teams had in europe's top five domestic leagues last year casey you've instances like what does this mean from you the ventas perspective i think you saw that number with two champions league titles they they've been so close the last couple of years and they've won seven league titles in a row they need something.

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