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The Mark Levin show. Great. You're here tonight. I'll tell you what the great one would love. Love this headline from Vanity Fair. Democrats prepare full body cavity search of Trump's finances. Welcome back to the show. Rich is the only from WPN shine Philadelphia in for the great one. My buddy, my inspiration actually forgetting to talk radio. So what an honor to be with you tonight. My fellow Lavigne nights. Our number's eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one top damn prepares full body cavity. Search of Trump's finances at first I thought this headline was from the onion. But it's not it's a satirical site. This is from Vanity Fair. The house intelligence committee chairman Adam Schiff has reportedly hired a former White House staffer for his presidential investigation. Adam Schiff is pledging now to do whatever it takes to find something on the president. They have no evidence of anything and the Russia probe has yielded, no fruit. So now they're going to go down another avenue. And I've long said this they will never ever stop coming for this president they won't stop. And it's not just Adam Schefter. It's also the state of New York, the attorney general there who ran on a platform of going after the president the southern district of New York. And of course, the house committee led by shift. The Adam Schiff has calls. And of course, now in normal times civil libertarians would be up uproar. There are no civil libertarians left. Except for Berge wits. Constitutionalists would be in an uproar. There's not many of those left either except for Mark and may and couple of others. But that's it. The idea of the government going after a president just to go after them just to look into everything. It's never what the founders intended. They never intended. First of all for the government for the congress to go backwards and just start looking at your life and finding things that you might have done wrong. And then using that as as a way to then remove you from the presidency, you know, from listening to Mark that the impeachment clause was meant to deal with a president who abuses power not a president who might have done things in his private life before he became president was to deal with an abusive president a president who abused his office. Abused his power and very rare. And that's why the impeachment clause has never removed a president to have been impeached and neither one was. Removed by the Senate. So. Now, this is a new day. The new day is now let's just start looking. That's looking his finances. His taxes. We have no evidence of anything. Let's just look she we can find I often say if the government wants to get you the government will get you. They can find something they have unlimited time unlimited money their lawyers don't have to go out and look for jobs and clients their lawyers will not run out of time to do their job lawyers won't run out of money. They won't have to say listen. I this case I gotta move on here. I gotta get some personal injury clients the government lawyers. They're getting paid. How do you go against that? How does anybody go up against that? He can't. And if they go after the president, and this matter eventually, they might find something he did in his years as a businessman as a billionaire. He might have done something who knows right? But that's the point if I just unleash government committees on you, give me show me everything. Give me your credit card statements your taxes. I wanna see your Netflix account. Give me your passwords. I want it all could I find something you might have done wrong. Perhaps maybe shared your net flicks. Password with somebody or downloaded a movie, you shouldn't have downloaded violating copyright laws. Who knows? But that's luckily, thank God. Why our Justice system is not supposed to operate that way? We don't just go on a fishing expeditions. We'll find something. That's why the due process clause of the constitution is completely irrelevant. It's a relevant in this day and age to the left unless the left wants it to be relevant because the Democrats have been accused of sexual rape or something. Otherwise, it's it's relevant and Adam Schiff today proudly saying we will look we will do whatever we'll go through every document quote. We are going to take an MRI to any Russian financing EPA Trump organization. The president may have had we are not going to be so naive to assume that he's faithful to the Russians. There may have been other countries who have tried to financially influenced him and assignment shifts full body cavity. Search will be deep and wide reaching. He's hired former White House people apparently now former national security people come work for him. Just look they've no evidence of anything. They haven't found evidence of anything the president's compromise or the presence of spy. But that's okay. Because now they've got the power to subpoena, and they will go after them. And it will be amazing. If there was a time when when the left came out and said, you know, this is not how it's supposed to work. You're not you're supposed to do this. But they don't they cheered on bay cheered on because of the courts, they cheered on. Because they know that the president keeps supporting the judges that make people like Macy. Geraldo, very very sad because they're originalist judges who don't want to write law from the bench. And now what may go after these investigations. Nonstop. And the president tweets and says they found nothing we Russia's and other not gonna stop coming after me, and my business all my documents. He's absolutely right to call. It. What it is. They are going after this president for no reason, no reason he said Adam Schiff is going to be looking at every aspect of my life. Both financial and personal. Even though there is no reason to be doing. So never happened before a continuation of witch-hunt presidential harassment. It should never be allowed to happen again. He's absolutely right. The these these talking heads on TV who go Watergate Watergate, there was actually evidence of a crime back then what's the crime? The where's the evidence for crime right now? They're to just find one. We'll just find it. We got time. We're good. This is what you call a police state because when a police state occurs. It's not I always laugh sometimes, and I say this a lot the police say people will look at the cops with the horses, and and crowd control, and that sort of thing to go look at it. We're becoming a police state. Now, we're not not from that. I mean, if they use crowd control methods that may it may or may not be appropriate that say question to be discussed that is not evidence of a police state. A police state is when the government uses its law enforcement division to effect political change. That's a police state. We'll be there with the Stasi in east Germany. It's what they did in Russia Soviet Union, Cuba, Venezuela, shaina, I could go on and on. But the night is short. And this is exactly what that is. We have power wherever you go. After President Trump. We'll take a full body cavity search of his finances and the left goes. Yeah. Look at you. Good for you. Never with founders have intended for this to happen. Never when they made the impeachment clause where they've ever thought. This could be a possibility. Let's just go back and look we'll find something. And yet here we are today, and they will not have time and they won't run out of money. Hopefully, they'll run out of power. In twenty twenty. But that's what they want to work on by then hopefully, I don't know what their ultimate goal here is I don't think there's anything they're gonna find unless maybe they wanna try to go after his kids or something for pressure to get him to not run again. I don't really know. What's obvious, though, is that when the federal government when congress says we've got subpoenas? We've got Warren power look at us that's called law enforcement powers that's abusing that to try to effectuation politics. That's the kind of thing every American whether you're on the right or the left democrat Republican libertarian independent, whoever everybody should be outraged at that and say this cannot happen in this country. It can't because if it happens it will never ever ever be able to be a Republic again can't be Republic. If the government is able to say, you know, going back to when Peter stroz Zak and Lisa page. I call them stroz because congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman kept saying during the hearing Mr. stroz AC Peter Struck, but mister show Zach over and over again. She represents one of the congressional districts in my state of New Jersey, and she's she's just one of the worst, Mr. Stroszeck, we're Mr. stroz acting Lisa page back. Then. Were openly saying that they want it to affect outcome before the election. And they're law enforcement people there federal law enforcement with guns and badges and warrants power subpoena power. And now this is continuing now after the election with congress now doing it. I'll tell you. It's the kind of thing that should make us all very very frayed for the future. If you want to remain a Republic, but I got news for you. And here's a little secret. And you probably already know this the left doesn't want to be Republican anymore. They don't why do you think they want to bow? She electoral college. It's so all you truck drivers and coal people and maga- hat wearing people. Don't get a say anymore. They call you rubes. They make fun of your intelligence all the time. They put us down costs idiots. We're not very bright barely read. I love when people do that to me on Twitter. First thing they do when you disagree with them become after your intelligence. Well, I know that you people in the right can't read except you could only read mega and they do that. Because they they wanna literally when they talk about abolishing the electoral college, for example, they want majority votes that California and New York can just run the day Rama table on everything. Imagine if California New York's at the policy for the entire nation. That's exactly what would happen without the electoral college. But they don't want you to have a say because you're getting in the way of their utopia. Use straws you use a straw. What is wrong with you? You might even smoke a cigarette or a cigar heavens to Betsy and they have to stop you. You might even have one of them guns. You might have bacon or maybe you lack red meat. Listen, I've got news. News for you. There will come a time in this country red meat will come with a warning label. I to start warning this product causes cancer and heart disease, clogged arteries, bla-bla-bla. Oh, and also it's bad for the environment because cows methane gas, and you know, cow toots. I'm thinking if my four year old son is listening right now. He just laughed so hard that. I said that on the air, but good for you, Patrick. It's what you know. Listen, that's an entertain you as well pallets. I there will come a time with red meat will probably be banned. If Alexandra case Cortez and the kooks on the left get their way, you won't be able to order a cheeseburger anymore because the cows. This is what I mean about limiting freedom for the good of the order and the good of the world and the good of climate change and economic inequality injustice, and blah, blah, blah, how we pay for it. Who knows that's a relevant stop with your questions, please moving along. And will there come a time in this country when the left makes it impossible to get a firearm? You damn right. They will impossible to get a cheeseburger impossible to get a cigarette. Look, I don't smoke cigarettes. I do enjoy the occasional cigar, but Hawaii wants to ban the sale of cigarettes to anyone under one hundred years old. That's that's crazy. I mean that is absolutely insane. But that's what the left us. It's what they do. They control you may control me, and what Adam Schiff is doing the house intelligence committee and Democrats cetera. They're now trying to control the outcome and reverse it of the presidential election to say, let the Republicans damned these rubes. He's Cracker Barrel. Eaten truck driving? You know, sports watching beer guzzling bunch of maga- had where they ruined it for all of us. So now, they'll do whatever they can using their law enforcement powers to effect a new outcome. They tried to do it before the election. President one they tried to do it before the electoral college met and voted in December..

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