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Here we are. it's the twelfth. And we've got now less than three weeks to derby and oaks and all your points have been met it out and now there's just some decisions to be made in terms of who stays who goes. Who participates who waits maybe for preakness opportunity. And we'll go over this morning. Jay primm and actually early At that early our to jay's gonna visit we'll do the prep season wrapup on derby watch with jay and the watch now is on some orces like sainthood who appears to be from. All indication appears to be ready to participate for todd. Pletcher and windstar and ron bauer. Who seems to be more interested right now. In preakness so some of the horses down at the bottom of the list after two upsets one that instantly impacted the derby pecking order that with super stocks. Win the arkansas derby and one that becomes potentially impactful when we talk about king fury. Kenny mcpeek actually will join us. And i'm actually glad kenny was Was tied up. What two weeks ago after The crazy beautiful win. So i'm actually kind of glad the way it turned out that he couldn't join us then. And there's a bunch of things we can talk about with. Kenny including simply ravishing. Who is as we mentioned. The other day was retired after the ashland. Try but king fury's upset in the lexington. A quick twenty puts him at about twenty third on the list. And and you got the sense listening to candidate. They would certainly participate. If you know the the marginal line of of derby participation drops down the that far and of course superstock jumps in with one. Hundred points had nine going in so that puts him third the total list. And i'll give you a quick rundown essential quality of course going to be your derby favourite hot rod. Charlie sat and of course they'll be some decision making on the part. Joel rosario and ron anderson over the weekend results he would thought that if concert tour performed to certainly to the way he was bet An expectation that that might have been the the lean now. It's hard to believe they wouldn't give serious consideration. Dodd charlie but in ron's going to let the chips fall is plenty. Things happen here in the in the next ten to fourteen days. Superstock the amazing stories. Steve us the anderson steve. Asmussen will join us after kenny in this hour. And it's a wonderful family story with superstock. Who was really cleverly written by ricardo santana junior basically let that speed duel on. Fold front caddo river and concert tour. Know we talked about this and you know it's funny because it looked like cattle river was the one that was was under pressure and that concert tour was was rating comfortably. It looked like on the backstretch and then when they turned for home. You could see that they were gonna get swallowed up. The the way superstock kicked off the rail and ran them down easily and kettle rivers state on well enough to rest the placement away from concert tour so anyway. The decision making process will unfold Like the king and like the king hasn't gotten much conversation. We talked to wesley ward the other day last week but like the king working on turf i get the sense that there's maybe a decision pending with him even so we'll see known agenda. Of course all set pletcher in a rat rock your world set bourbon. Pletcher karsh sat medina spirit baffert johnny concert tour. He's got plenty of points sitting comfortably but going to have to regroup vafa called it a kind of a head scratcher. Is it a issue. I mean certainly you would think fitness wise. I it's a rarity. I not too often. The the baffert horses is going to go to an assignment. Like that and be you know under fit so that's got to be figured out a way. Burn of course heading for the belmont so he's tenth in points but cross him out midnight. Bourbon will get an update. He's kind of out of sight out of mind but the night bourbon. He's your tenth on the on the list. You know with me kind of keeping the the people leather the points under consideration but Even though they're taking a slot on the official leaderboard we know they're not running in terms of the mandolin. Talk the other day to brad cox seems like he's he's participating cattle river out of this the initial reaction from brad cox was preakness for him. So even though he's sitting what would be thirteenth probably not participating highly motivated. All set for chad helium. All set course off the tampa win. Panadol would be next fourteenth on my list and there's a decision pending this week. Having kirstein told me over the weekend that panadol not guaranteed to come there the initial reaction out of the uae. Derby performance was that he would for shadwell. But they'll make a decision this week soup and sandwich all sat and tyler kathleen got mount over the weekend for mrs weber. Marquette worked very nicely the other morning to what was that saturday morning soup and sandwich. i've got him. His fifty dynamic one sixteenth. Set for pletcher. I guess jose ortiz Sainthood i i i mean personally. I would think that you would take your time with him. But if the b.'s. What is third third career. Four th career start is a lot of those types of.

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