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Sector of commerce. Wilbur ross secretary of state rex tillerson by tweet. Listen year later. They also got on the action. Things only got weirder the next day. When president trump the saudi king the egyptian president walk into a darkened room at a new center for combating extremism and place their hands atop a glowing orb for nearly two whole minutes. Internet had a lot of fun with that one comparing to lord of the rings and wizard of oz and from there trump went on to israel where he visited the holocaust museum and memorial. Jerusalem left this strangely upbeat note in the guestbook quote. It is a great honor to be here with all my friends. So amazing and we'll never forget exclamation point. President later had vatican. He and his family met with pope francis who looks like he's waiting for someone to tell them. The solid joke before continuing to belgian for the nato summit trump took on a strong. I'm not here to make friends attitude in brussels shoving aside the prime minister of montenegro to get to the front of the pack of leaders ahead of a group photo than engaged in a bizarre white-knuckle handshake grip off with french president emmanuel macron. But it came time for the four o. Remarks he basically demanded his counterparts pay up. Nato members must finally contribute their fair share and meet their financial obligations but twenty three of the twenty eight member nations are still not paying what they should be paying what they're supposed to be paying for their defense. This is not fair to the people and taxpayers of the united states. Final back in italy for the g. Seven brought one last. Bit of photo op drama. One six of the seven leaders stroll through town after traditional group. Big picture on the american president chose to follow by golf cart. Okay yeah that was career drug trip or something. After four years of that. It's refreshing to see an american president abroad. You know engaging diplomacy dealing with complex multilateral issues there are a lot of them but also not to mention just behaving like a normal person. Not making us worry. He's gonna like rough up someone on the way to the camera. This is what it feels like to be one hundred percent rude if a win shea for its oil three bucks out at the old Bill murray warming up the crowd at wrigley field friday night. 'cause one they're tied for first this friday the cubs first game since the coronavirus outbreak held with the stands full one hundred percent capacity incredible than to see a year after we wondered if we would ever again crowds at baseball games or concerts theaters. People are getting back to business and to fun across the country but of course as we keep saying next over Certainly not abroad but not here. There's a new variant. There's been a lot. And i forgive you if you lost track. But there's a lot of reason to be quite keen on this one or pay attention to the delta variant. It's more contagious is on the rise. In this country around the world especially in areas where vaccination levels are lagging. Dr peter hotels the co director of the texas children's hospital center vaccine development dean. The national school of tropical medicine at baylor college medicine recently wrote a piece in the daily beast titled. Here's who's facing a nightmare vacs summer and he joins me now. So let's talk dr hotels about this delta variant and the the the piece of data that's gotten me most worried is the uk where they have had a very successful vaccination campaign and were places where this is really moving around actually seen hospitalizations. Go up in a way. We haven't really seen in a place with that level of vaccination yet. Yeah this is right. Chris and what's happening is this and two.

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