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Top story this hour of the early voting getting under way today for the November fifth elections and Kediri just close Saunders is live with them for the first time in Harris County voters can vote anywhere instead of they were signed precinct for early voting John Oldham is the fort bend county elections administrator and tells Katie are each county voters will find it works well just like fort bend county voters did eliminated a lot of provisional ballots for people who show up you know it's six thirty in the evening the opener in the wrong place S. return at Oldham says it just depends on what your area is voting for me looking at our Houston precincts thirty thirty five percent prop possibly and in sugar land has some on questions on which may get them up in the ten twelve percent rank in some places it could be as low as five percent early voting runs through November first hours of our very by county you need photo ID in order to vote okay but this is any precinct on election day because early though we've always been able to vote at the early voting places where you take advantage of the early vote go to K. tear H. dot com and Twitter at KJRH news sound off on the subject on our Facebook page as the early vote gets under way there's a new university of Houston poll that shows mayor Sylvester Turner would likely win a run off election against any of the four major challengers Jim Granada with hobby school of public affairs at U. H. says a run off is likely the mayor has a commanding lead over forty four percent so the next closest one is twenty both be at twenty three point four percent I don't know you do the math he has twenty five forty four percent what about that other forty six percent it's going to all the others in the right front he says voters identified flooding is Houston's most pressing problem while crime is second a liberal think tank says a Medicare for all planned is being pushed by twenty twenty Democrats would cost more than what taxpayers are already projected to spend on get this social security Medicare and Medicaid combined urban institute bags the cost at thirty four trillion dollars over the first decade Elizabeth Warren has struggled to explain how it will be paid for class will go up for the wealthy and for big corporations and for hard working middle class families costs will go down Cato institute's Michael cannon is a long time critic of Medicare for all you can't really sustain Medicare is this right now you know Medicare is required a tax increase every four years just to try to keep it afloat and we're still not paying for the entire program because it is thank you so much federal deficit spending to Mrs M. free supporters have to take away choice because they're not confident enough Americans would actually choose it Nick rank of its newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. most media attention has been on trade talks with China but the trump administration says is that US Mexico Canada agreement that the president has already made it's much more important White House adviser Peter Navarro tells Breitbart news the house needs to vote on U. S. MCA Nancy Pelosi fails to put the U. S. M. C. A. up for a vote this month it will be a signal failure of our political process and an economic catastrophe Nelson Bellator chair the border commerce in security council says there is bipartisan support for the deal especially if you're a member of Congress from the border that understand international trade understand what kind of economic impact that has in these areas it's a no brainer yeah I think about Texas folksy administration says U. S. conducts nearly twice as much trade with Canada and Mexico than it does with China but that's what all the valley who's on China our news time now seven oh six significant damage being reported in north Dallas and eastward after an apparent tornado touched down last night one whole wall of the garage.

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