Rogers, Jordy Nelson, Adams discussed on Fantasy Football Today


By weeks of the season when when rogers was elti it was all touchdowns he was thirty four th and receptions like 30th in receiving yards that receiver but he had to to touch on games so that's that's really what you're open there were signs i guess what is what i would say that he even though he was the top ten ruthie over the first five weeks the season there were signs that that's not quite like jordy nelson riot threat i joy washer i'm kinda see in your rankings heath you've jordy nelson in the '30s yes that's while i mean rogers is back they have to act rogers to be good and jordi to be an dave as 40th i just don't i just don't get that well of knowledge else's order require different ways to look at it you can blame everything that we what's wrong with jordy nelson on bread huntley or you can say he got off to a started the year worry was kind of more like a tight end that a wide receiver and then brit handle then he just got worse and worse and worse and davante adams the clear number one now i i mean in the red zone is the mouth adams clear number one cause right like the thing is rogers them nelson just have that chemistry we see it all the time play breaks down nelson knows where to go rogers had some for a big play or in the red zone rogers looks for jordy nelson i just i can't imagine that he's a number three wide receiver number four really for you guys like low and number three now for jamie james gum 25th.

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