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You helped me try to make sense of this sorry scott here's what he said the film footage that he has the jeremy has shows main play now i contend that if he gets the original tape or he gets the original roof shot he will see that what i say is true i am not disputing what he says what i am disputing is the fact that i want him to have the original tape the fact of the matter is that that original footage was given to twin galaxies twin galaxies hasn't or should have it and if it's anywhere other than twin galaxies that's a real problem where's the tape where's the taye where's the tape we've got to find the tape walter do you have the tape this is now forget that all your danger day got had it is it this it no jerry is gonna know once he gets that tokyo is he claiming than that there is a fake tape that happens to get the exact same scorer fake name tape that his real taped yup yup there basically this together five years years they've been dealers there's another court the came up later it'd be easy to do that it may not easy but it's possible office in may it is piney thing is possible who would do this nefarious people out to get billy mitchell who would make a fake name unamerican yeah traders someone i was reading vanapope viable bargain sauce yeah okay uh later later in the interview uh east jim ross friday.

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